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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Tourny Time...

Well after several weeks off, as usual it's a sports post that brings me back. For anyone interested, here's the answer key:

First round winners: Duke, GW, Syracuse, LSU, WV, Northwestern State (who?), NC State, Texas, Memphis, Bucknell, Pitt, Kansas, San Diego State, Zags, Marquette, UCLA, UConn, UAB, Utah State, Illinois, Mich State, UNC, Seton Hall, Tenn, Nova, Wisconsin, Nevada, BC, Wisc-Mil, Florida, Gtown, OSU

Sweet sixteen: Duke, LSU, WV, Texas, Memphis, Pitt, Zags, Marquette, UConn, Illinois, Mich State, Seton Hall, Nova, BC, Wisc-Mil, Gtown

Elite eight: Duke, Texas, Pitt, Zags, UConn, Mich State, BC, Gtown

Final four: Duke, Zags, UConn, BC

Championship game: UConn over the Zags

But if my picks are wrong it's President Bush's fault.

championship game will be Michigan state -vs- Marquette.

Keep in mind, I'm not much a sports fan, but I live in Michigan, and I have heard the name Marquette in the background at work.
I do not advise betting a large sum on the official MMark's picks. If you must, as your loyalty and respect for Mmark is too large to contain, I will post the final scores at a later date.
This is about basketball right?
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