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Friday, April 14, 2006
But The Left Supports the Troops!

Except when they don't.

Six senators have signed onto a bipartisan bill to curb the Pentagon’s plans to increase out-of-pocket healthcare costs on military retirees. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) said, “Especially in a time of war, it is unthinkable that the administration would even consider dramatically increasing healthcare costs for those who have sacrificed for our country.”
THE LEFT = 100 college hippy kids

Well of course Democrats would support spending more of our money - helping the troops is just a side benefit.

I think the most telling quote comes from UberPatriot John Murtha when he said that if he were a young man today he wouldn't serve in the millitary.

Apparently when vets are bunched into the growing number of groups the Democrats are drawn to "help" - usually by spending my money they are OK.

But, like minorities, gays, immigrants and "the poor" - Democrats love them, they just wouldn't ever want to be them.
As a recruiter in Michigan, the home state of mr. anti-recruitment Michael Moore, I can proudly declare that I have never faced anything like the article described. The article I read (just skimmed yours) said that the school helped the anti-recruitment protesters by housing the Military in a seperate section of the building, so that there protest would not disturb the job fair as a whole.
I have only had one protest at my office, it was an anti-war protest with about twelve college kids from a very expensive private school. It was hot out, so we classed it up by putting a bucket of ice cold water out side...they eventually drank it. Then we told them that they could use our bathroom one at a time if the wished. It took awhile but soon the water kicked in, they used our facilities, and very soon after the protest was no-more. Psy-ops works on everyone.
" If you're thinking about leaving, nows the time."
Hey its still pretty quiet over here in KoolAid Land. Nothing to talk about?

How's the presidents 32% approval rating treating you? About as well as $4.00 per gallon for gas. Hey but the President of Exxon just treated himself to $400 million dollars.

The Iraq war was supposed to cost 50 billion - but ooopsie it cost 1 trillion so far - and they are saying it might last 20 years - and will only get more expensive. Too bad for you, taxpayer - but Dick and his hunting buddies will be building themselves gilded palaces for a generation. Maybe your daughters can be serving wenches there.

The moneyed class sure took you retards for a ride. "Hey, be a Republican like us, and we will all get rich together." And now you are stuck paying through the nose for gas, watching your wages drop, mortgage rates soar, taxes rise and dollar depreciate. While they get fat off you. You helped rebuild the world of the robber barrons because maybe you'd be one of them. Turns out now you're one of the peasants.

Well it sucks for all of us that you handed our country over to the Hyenas. But at least you can eat crow.

But don't worry about losing your job - MMark has openings in Baghdad for drivers to do the canonball run. While you are out there maybe Bush will surprise you with a turkey.
Braveheart, don't you know we are about to turn the corner. Anytime next week.
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