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Thursday, April 13, 2006
See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

It has been decided that Americans can't bear to look at images of muhammed:

Is that suprising? After 9/11, the media placed a virtual blackout on images of the towers coming down. We couldn't look at the people jumping to their deaths. We couldn't bear to show images of the beheading of Nick Berg or other captives.

Why isn't the government releasing the audio-tape from flight 93? Thanks to the trial, we at least have the transcript. Here it is in its entirety (courtesy our friends at the AP). Read it. If the transcript of them killing an innocent human being doesn't doesn't have your blood boiling, you are beyond hope. How many Americans are going to read it? Sadly, few. It should be played in its entirety.

We cannot win this war unless we recognize who and what our enemy is. Next time you bring your kids onto an airplane or get on a subway car loaded with people, think about the poor guy who was slaughtered in the cockpit of an airplane. Think about the people who jumped to their deaths to avoid the intense heat of the burning towers. Think about the children murdered in cold blood in Beslan. The innocent people praying in mosques in Afghanistan and Iraq. Think about Nick Berg. Now ask yourself, is diplomacy really an option in the middle east? Was it an option with Saadam? Is it with Iran.

Make no mistake about it, there are sick and evil men who want to kill us, our families, and our children. Can we really afford to hold our hands on your ears and say "la-la-la" and pretend that all this has not happened? Can we really look at Iraq and say, "let's leave?" Can we really look at Iran and really say, with a straight face, that the problem will go away or the U.N. will handle it?

Don't mistake this for an anti-arab rage. It's not. We are at war with radical islamists. Them or us. Read the transcript. Listen to what moussaoui is telling us. You think we can just leave people like him alone and they will return the favor? Think again. He came here looking to kill us. Before Iraq. Before Afghanistan.

Wake up.

this is the best quote:

We cannot win this war unless we recognize who and what our enemy is.

how long has it been since bush has waged this war on terror? and still we have no clue. it is bizarre that we are at war but we have no idea who we are at war with.
no one knows why we are at war, or how long we will be, or what actually would constite and end.

terror will always exist, because it is emotion. i think maybe we should enlist an army of psychiatrists to medicate that remaining 27% of the neo fascist zombie brigade so the rest of the world can live in peace.
oh yes, comedy central, the gold standard for news.
this spoof site is one of the best I've seen.
Go back and read the transcript. Those people were't killed by an 'emotion.' Keep burying your head in the sand and worrying about "neo-fascists.
I love South Park. Comedy Central punked out on this one. It's ok for Carlos Mencia to make fun of blacks, whites, asians, Mexicans....but oh, to offend the wrong. Can't wait for Iran to start up so we can get this war on in a real way, tired of nation building.
Another Jew fomenting war. Sad.
More liberal "tolerance" on display. Sadly, I'm no longer shocked by the open anti-semitism of the left.
Correction, a member of the second least popular faith( Catholic) fomenting war. Big word for a Jew Hater. Thought all you guys were dumb. Probably read it in the article by David Duke " Fomenting the movement of Negro's from you apartment complex".
What a punk.
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