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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Thugs for Kerry

Several Democrat activists who pled no contest to slashing the tires of the Bush GOTV vans in Wisconsin were very disappointed that the judge in the case did not accept the prosocution's sweatheart recommendation that they receive probation and no jail time. Instead, they received six months in jail. Malkin's on the case here.

For audio of my reaction to the announcement, click here.

Tony Snow

Boy, is it about time that we see actual conservatives taking positions in the White House again. Since our man on the inside left, things have gone to hell. Article is here.

To keep with the theme, my audio reaction is here.

Bush's introduction was classic:

"Tony already knows most of you, and he's agreed to take the job anyway."

The other good news was Rove's demotion to keep him out of the policy end of things. He may be a great political operative, but he fails to recognize that even though good policies are good politics, bad politics produces bad policy. On issue after issue -- Dubai, Meiers, immigration, spending -- the White House has sunk itself by abandoning the President's core conservative base. Good rumblings that Bush will veto spending bill to send a strong message to spend happy appropriations chairmen. No sign yet that the White House will do anything but walk off the cliff when it comes to immigration, but who knows?

1. extremely compelling audio commentary.

2. im glad to see you guys are agreeing with the left that the policies of the current administration are sinking the white haus.

3. another good point on the fact that nobody knows if or when the white haus will walk off the cliff once again.

good post.
This site is just like our current administration

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