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Monday, April 10, 2006
Today's Rally in DC

Today the rally to protest the recently proposed immigration laws passed right outside my window on H Street. There were tons of people, and it lasted a long time. What struck me was not so much the P.C. language (Of course, I never saw signs with 'Illegal Immigrants' but plenty with 'Undocumented Workers' (by the way...I'm an undocumented worker)), but the number of rainbow flags, pro-choice flags, anti-war stuff, etc. There were tons of them. Oh yeah, and anti-Bush stuff. I don't know why I was surprised...I should expect this at an Immigration rally.

Few questions:

Was it a protest or demonstration? There is a clear distinction that is often overlooked and I'm not sure which it was?

Did you notice the D.C. "protest/demonstration" started after work hours? Pretty humourous....

Congress was also out of session - so most of the members aren't here.

Ted Kennedy was a key speaker supporting the immigrants. What do his labor union friends think?
Looked more like a protest...they weren't 'For' something - clearly 'Against.'

Most of the marching outside my window took place between 4 and 5 pm.

But when I headed home, there were TONS of people at the metro stations in Maryland going towards downtown DC around 5:30 pm. I couldn't believe the crowds weren't going to peak until well after the work day ended.
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