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Monday, April 10, 2006
The Wall

No, I'm not a Pink Floyd fan (Scott is the only person I know who likes them), but I am becoming a big fan for building a wall at the Mexican border. We can debate what to do with the illegal aliens already here, but my vision for the wall is this:

It should be built 30 yards inside the US-Mexican boarder. It should be 50 feet high, 50 feet wide, and 30 feet deep. It should allow for two Humvees to drive on top, pass each other, and have enough room to turn around. Motion-instigated cameras every 100 yards which record when tripped. There should be a boarder unit of four agents per mile, and multiple layers of razor-wire should cover the 30 yard buffer between the boarders. As with Reagan and PATCO, Bush should fire any INS employees who do not vigorously enforce the law.

We could pay for it with some of the $$$$ Braveheart says we don't need for the war.

And I also propose we further advertise in Mexico and Central America how legal immigration works in this country, so people can do it right.

Oh yes, please do stand up against Hispanic Americans. That's another winning issue for Republicans. There are only 40 million of them - concentrated in California, Texas and Florida. And hey, just today 500,000 of them turned out to march in Houston.

Start brushing up on your Spanish.

In a bumbling Q&A yesterday the President actually admitted that he personally authorized the leak of a top secret CIA report. Republicans take yet another hit to their credibility - and the president's approval ratings sunk further.

Recent polls show 60% of Americans disapprove of the president, and only 36% approve. Hmm.. That means there must be 20% of Americans out there regretting they voted Republican last election. Its going to be interesting in November.

Time to take out the trash.
First off, if your not a Pink Floyd fan, as I certain that even BraveHeart is, there is something wrong with you. What did you used to listen to while you were getting high?
I am a big believer in the wall. Build it, and then deal with those contained inside it. I am also for one more shot at amnesty. I work with a guy( he too is a recruiter) who was an illegal immigrant. His parents signed up for amnesty when it came up, and nows he is a three time combat vet, with two purple hearts and a bronze star, and a great recruiter and friend. I'd die for him in a heartbeat.
Now, the wall. I feel it should be 75 feet tall, with a significant curve twords Mexico, and the USA, so it would be fanning out and down on the top( like a peeled bannana). Inside the curves need to be spool apon spool of weather proffed concertia wire with a minimal electric charge run through it, just enough to hurt a climber not kill them, the fall will do that.The exterior walls twords the USA and Mexico need to be silky smooth( graffitti guys will love it). I agree that it should be wide enough and strong enough for vehicle traffic, but a humvee is not that heavy. It should be strong enough to support fully loaded 18 wheeled trucks and light tanks. I also think that it should be fortified by National Guardsmen. The border patrol has shown they can't do the job, the National Guard could get it done. This would only require about 3,000 soldiers from one state or territory for a six month deployment. Theres fifty states, so this would not be hard.
I agree with all your other points about wall construction.
I hope we move to get it done, as this problem will not get smaller by ignoring it.
In the immortal words of the gipper

"Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall"
Yeah but that wall was between a communist country and a productive one. Sure it was because of war, but a bad example.
i think we should build a wall out of watermelon taffy.
and in front of the wall will be a moat which will
be full of chocolate syrup. the only way to get through
the wall will be to eat your way through. but after
eating so many sweets you would probably get really sick.
and then it would be real easy to be caught, and you would
have chocolate all over your face. but it would taste
pretty good though.

ps. are u guys serious, or is this like a spoof site?
Build the wall now, ,increase the legal quota to something that makes sense to the business community and local municipalities affected, and then grant conditional amnesty later.

Conditional because if you turn out to be a bad guy (ie. bank robber, drug dealer, etc.) then you can go right back to where you came from - we have enough here already.

Braveheart - governing by opinion polls doesn't work ("please do stand up against Hispanic Americans").

MMark - Sip does like Pink Floyd, I don't. That makes Sip a fibber.

World - bring us your tired and downtrodden - just come through the front door.
A wall is not such a bad idea, but the Mexican-American border is the wrong place to build it. The real threat lies to the north. If we build a long, winding wall stretching from British Columbia to Newfoundland this country will undeniably be a safer place to live and work for real Americans.

Never again shall we fear Canadian invasion. Think about all of the Canadians who robbed Americans of possible celebrity status. That's right, it could've been an American starring opposite Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future instead of Michael Jay Fox.
How much better would Ghostbusters be if Dan Akroid was replaced by a true American orginal like Bill Cosby.

Doesn't it make you sick to think that the Captain of the Starship Enterprise was born in Montreal? Disgusting! That should be one of our boy's from the Heartland.

Wasn't Full House a little to full with Dave Coulet. And who amongst us would complain if we no longer would have to endure the vocal stylings of Celine Dion, Anne Murray, and Alanis Morissette.

The sooner we build that norhtern wall, the better.
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