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Friday, May 19, 2006
On Leave

Yes, SCG has been on sabbatical. For those of you who do not agree with us, thanks for visiting and keeping up with the site, and thanks to those of you who contribute meaningfully to the dialogue.

Yes, to your joy, President Bush’s ratings are low. It’s one thing if the ratings tank while he’s making principled, even if unpopular, decisions (a lot of us would be on board with him), but it doesn’t seem he’s been appeasing anyone lately. As they say, ‘You’ve got to dance with the one who brought ya,” and Bush has ignored this, which is why conservatives aren’t happy. Makes me wonder what his ‘base’ is.

So, in that light, I take it that the liberals should be somewhat happy that he has not kept aligned with conservatives. The liberals out there can’t be that upset, can you?

- You should be happy that spending is out-of-control
- You should be happy that the war is not going well
- You should be happy that he is waffling on immigration issues
- You should be happy that, although democrats don’t have any solid plans, they are looking better in November than republicans.

On the other hand…
- (I guess you’re not happy that taxes have been cut)
- (I guess you’re not happy that the economy is doing very well)
- (I guess you’re not happy there hasn’t been more terrorism on American soil)

Would you agree that if something is not going well and the President gets a lot of the blame (ex: oil prices), then if something is going well (ex: economy), he should get some credit?

Anyway, as Ann Coulter says, if the Dems take over the House next November and make good on their lunatic threats to impeach Bush, we’ll get Cheney as President! That’s enough to make a conservative smile...

Oh , I forgot about the most important point.

The economy.

I think how well the economy is depends on what angle your looking at it. Those at the top are doing tremendously well, while those in the middle and lower classes are not. And I think that the results of this are seen in the current poll numbers.

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the site. Usually I'm not so blunt, but you are sooooo freakin' wrong, there's no other way to put it.

Stating that the upper and mid/lower classes are completely moving in different directions is a very tired argument (yawn). I first remember hearing it during Reagan's first term (how many times then and since have you heard "the rich got richer while the poor got poorer")?

There are more homeowners (middle and lower class) in America than ever before. And interest rates have been at 40 year lows; even with the recent interest rate increases, they are still lower than they were when I bought a house 7 years ago.

Unemployment has been very low for some time. While inflation is now a threat and the Fed is taking steps to neutralize it, it wasn't even mentioned for years and years.

The economy is doing fine, and from a macro-economic standpoint, so are the lower and middle classes (even with the oil prices).

The biggest threat to the lower and middle classes is high levels of credit card debt - which is each individual's own fault. There's good debt (mortgage) and bad debt (credit cards). We can't be an ownership society if everyone is maxed out on bad debt.

You don't know a damn thing about economics. America is getting poorer, and our economy weaker. Look at our auto industry - once totally dominant - now its near bankruptcy. All our heavy industries are. There are a lot of rusty shipyards around here. Domestic PC makers like IBM, Sun, Dell, Gateway etc. increasingly lose ground to far east makers like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba , Lenovo etc. Who makes all the cell phones? Europe and Asia.

The trade deficit - at a record. Budget deficit - at a record. The national debt - on its way to 9 trillion dollars. The dollar has devalued more than 50% in the last 3 years. Don't go by the government's phony inflation numbers - just calculate your own. Compare dollars to any commodity - oil, gold, copper, wood, steel. By that measure the dollar has lost nearly half its value. If you travel to Europe you will find that your American $10 bill hardly buys you a coffee in Paris. Thanks Republicans!

The high 'home ownership' rate is an illusion - born of banking industry de-regulation. In the past owning a home required that people put down a substantial downpayment. In a real sense they did own at least 30% of the home they were financing. This is no longer true. Most of the new hone 'owners' are financed 100% with ARM loans, or worse with interest only mortgages. In reality they have no equity and are essentially 'renting' the house from the bank - who is the real owner. As interest rates rise we will see this housing bubble pop into a giant financial catastrophe. And with our draconian new bankruptcy laws those people will be sent straight into a new class of serfdom. Thanks Republicans!

Our record trade and budget deficits mean that the US has to keep selling massive amounts of dollar debt to a world increasingly unwilling to accept it. That is why interest rates have to keep rising. We don't have 'low' interest rates today. Rather in the 70's and 80's we had spectacularly high and abnormal interest rates. We are on our way back to those - along with even higher inflation.

Whenever the government issues new debt in the form of more treasury bonds - this is exactly the same thing as 'printing more money'. Every t-bill we sell to Japan or China devalues the dollar. Even as we pay 30% taxes to the government, our wealth is taxed also in the form of inflation as new debt is created. And where is all this money going? Into the pockets of Bush, Cheney, and a whole web of their corporate friends ( the oil companies, the drug companies, the banks and the defense contractors ). They rob us daily.

And finally - no I'm not happy with the situation. It makes me pretty angry. You idiots sold America out. You handed this great nation over to a selfish bunch of short sighted Jackals who are busy raping it for all its worth. Even as their ship is sinking they are enacting a few more tax cuts for themselves.

But there is one small pleasure in it - watching you Republican frat boys choke down a steaming pile of crow. Enjoy it - you deserve it.
If you are on the left you think the economy sucks,
and if your on the right you think the economy is doing fantastic.

Each respective side can find numbers somewhere that will back their assertions

It seems that the left and right can argue til they are blue in the face,
even when shown obvious miscues or errors in judgement, none of it matters. Neither will admit that they might have made a mistake, or that a policy should be reviewed.

What does seem to matter, is to never ever show that you might be wrong.
as messed up as a situation might get, if your team made the decision, they are NEVER wrong.

Question: Was there ever a time that you found yourself questioning your relentless loyalty to a party? Do you think that this rigid structure of ideology has a negative or positive impact on a world that is constantly changing.
Look, MMark is just like everday people. When he wakes up in the morning he puts his pants on one leg at a time, but then he goes killing. No but seriously, Braveheart is making some very valid points guys, how is MMark going to kill if there is no money to fly him somewhere where it will be ignored by most? Who is going to buy the ammo? I'll let you know guys, you run this country out of money, then I stop getting paid, and then these skills are on the free market, highest bidder. You think things suck in Africa now, wait till they can afford 250,000 highly trained would be ugly.
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