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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Field report…

Well, I’m just returning from a week in Europe on business. While I had a productive and pleasant enough trip, I have to say it’s good to be back. Everything is so bloody small over there – the cars are too small, the beds are too small, the drinks are too small – I mean the coffee is good and all, but I need a big giant American styrofoam cup full of caffeinated magic – you know what I’m sayin? A full week without Sportscenter is also too much of a strain – everything over there is the World Cup – every minute, every day. I think I get it too, I watched the USA-Italy game – it was entertaining and exciting enough – but there’s a whole world of Sports out there man. And I don’t just mean Baseball. The NHL and NBA were in the middle of their Championship series! The US Open was going on, and I couldn’t even get a leader board. And the news? Good God, at least 25-30% of every news cast was devoted to “global warming” or “climate change” or “environmental initiatives” or whatever. That’s not an exaggeration, every third or fourth story. And folks if you think the MSM over here is bad, well you don’t know how good we’ve got it – what a bunch of whining, condescending, judgmental leftist sycophants. I will say, however, that the US is not regarded as the worst nation on the planet – that title is clearly reserved for that most worthless and evil nation – Israel. There’s not even an attempt to fain impartiality or objectivity in the coverage – the disdain is simply not hidden in anyway.

Anyway – good to be back (and glad to see the site is up and running again – was it Mark’s attempt at a buyout?).

Jason, all I can say is psy ops brothers, it works if you use it. Welcome home.
Your wang is also too small.

The coffee's are 'small' because they are expresso. Thats what men drink. Big cups of watery 'coffee' with milk and sugar is what women and children drink. And take that dirty piss 'budweiser' home with you. In Germany is cannot even be legally called beer. Its made with corn! Fit only for pigs.

US is out of the world cup - knocked out in the first round. Finished in last place in their group. Only got one goal. Who else is in last place: togo, iran, saudi arabia, serbia. Good company for you losers. I bet any one of those teams would kick your ass anyway.

Fat americans sent home again.

Remember the iron curtain? Its back - descending around the US and Israel. You are now the paraiahs - you deserve it too. I'll burn down a KFC next time I see one and think of you.
You must be a product of the American educational system. The word 'fain' is spelled 'feign'. Lern 2 spel.
TJ, is it with this post that I apologize for getting the whole "posts regulated" are bad some time ago. I still don't think they should all need moderator approval, but is there anyway we can pick and choose who we apply the rule to. I suggest locking on to his ip address and halting his anti-American points that way. You could also pass the ip address on to me in an email and i'll pass it on to some friends. If he uses an "internet cafe" computer we'll have to lock out all 100 up and 100 down, as cave dwellers often use internet cafes, an ip address obstacle may already be in place.
Mark -
I wouldn't let it bother you. After all, he's the one obsessed with American web sites. Do you spend any time on foreign web sites that don't have nudity? Didn't think so.

That's the sad thing. They all hate us so much, yet they are obsessed with us. I guess it is from the chemical that the Colonel puts in his chicken.
Yeah, but he's like the captive missing his legs that you stick in the cell at the end of the hall. He'll keep yelling, eventually you have to stick a gauze in his mouth and tape it shut. That really doesn't happen, but you see what I mean.
You guys are hilarious. Yes, please do lock on to my ip address. And have Mark pass it to his friends at the NSA. I'm sure they have nothing better to do than track down posts at this ever so important web site. The numbskull administrators of this site can't even get the links to work right, never mind tracking ip addresses. But the grandiose thinking sure is amusing. Pure American hubris. Do look up that word by the way.

Jason, if you are wondering why cars and beds are so small in Europe - its because we aren't fat like you. And no, the planes aren't getting smaller - you are getting fatter. Ugh. We can identify you a mile away - t-shirt, white shorts, baseball cap, waddling around our cities with your belly hanging out of the front. Invariably completely ignorant. I don't know why we allow you to come over here.

And another thing Jason, did you notice that in Europe we have bidet's in the bathroom? They aren't for pissing in, like I'm sure you animals do. They are for washing. Its the reason that our women don't reek of fish and cheese.

Mark, isn't it iteresting that you troll web sites with naked foreigners? It must be because American woman are so fat. I'm sure you have a sharp eye for porno. Do compare where the model is from, and if she has a 'meaty' appearance.

Iran got beaten in the first round like you - but at least their bus had a flag on it. And the team that crushed you 2-1 in your last world cup game - ghana. Its their first year in the world cup.
Boy - someone has some real hangups.

TJ - great movie reference above about the Colonel!
Anonymously bitter,

I'm devastated that you think I'm fat and stupid - how will I go on?

Being as dumb as I am though, I want to make certain that I understand all of your points – the most salient of which appear to be:

- we’re fat pigs
- we stink at sports we don’t care about
- you don’t like chicken
- you like to have water shot up your ass

Have I missed anything?
By the way,

It’s “coffees” not coffee’s.
It’s “espresso” not expresso.
It’s “That’s what” not Thats what.
It’s “It’s made” not Its made.
It’s “pariahs” not paraiahs.
It’s “it’s because” not its because.
It’s “bidets” not bidet’s.
It’s “interesting” not iteresting.

I could continue, but as an American, I’m not only fat and dumb, but I have a short attention span as well. Have a nice day.
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