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Saturday, June 10, 2006
File this story in the "Hope it is true" department

US Troops beat Zarqawi?

1. i never thought much of zarqawi, but he must have been one bad ass mofo to have live through 2 500 lb bombs dropped on his head and then a personal beatdown by america's finest.

2. democrat talking point number one: why didnt bush nab him earlier? i think they had two prior chances to do it, but chose not to. why is he so important now?

3. i am not a big fan of beating someone while they are down. if this story gets more play, it will only highlight the perception of the US having a low standard of ethics.

4. a few interesting recent articles leading up to this, both from april 2006:

zarqawi replaced as al quaeda chief--

the propaganda campaign to prop up zarqawi:
If you have nothing to do watch those clips anonymous posted. There funny. Have nothing what so ever to do with this post, but none the less funny.
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