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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Forget the Knife, Hand the Man his Chainsaw

You gotta love Mark Steyn for his clear-headed thinking. He stands out for his ability to cut through the PC garbage with a frickin chainsaw.

Here's Steyn's latest on the Canadian jihadis:

These are not Pushtun yak herders straight off the boat blowing up trains and buses. They're young men, most of whom were born and all of whom were bred in London, Toronto and other Western cities. And offered the nullity of a contemporary multicultural identity they looked elsewhere -- and found the jihad. If we try to fight it as isolated outbreaks -- a suicide attack here, a beheading there -- we will never win. You have to take on the ideology and the networks that sustain it and throttle them.

Read the whole thing here. Hat tip: powerline.

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