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Friday, June 16, 2006

Here is my proposed image for the new SCG header...

What do you all think? Can we all agree on Goldwater, Reagan, Kemp, Bennett, Heston and Kasich?

I completely agree - good photo. Would it drive our liberal friends nuts if we put six liberal guys photos up there, with the SCG caption?

Anyway, sorry I've been AWOL for a while. Will try to change that.
I think Hannity should replace Kasich as the Fox network representitive.
He wasn't there to represent Fox. He was there because he is the model of a fiscal conservative. The biggest loss in the House GOP over the last decade wasn't Gingrich, it was Kasich. I've come full circle on deficit control. I was always in favor of the Kemp "growth" approach, but was slowly convinced (by Kasich's unbelievable floor speeches back in the day) that spending control was essential to controlling the deficit. The rapid expansion of the economy in the late 1990s and the disappearance of deficits seemed to support the Kemp approach and made the cuts advocated by people like John Kasich, Tim Penney, Bob Walker and others seem like nickle and dime type stuff. What we've seen in recent years, however, is that it isn't so much the savings from cuts that are essential, but the savings from spending restraint. By focusing on cuts and making spending restraint a priority, it held in check the big spending plans toward which congressman naturally gravitate. My sense now is that we can't "nickle and dime" out of the deficit, but we need to have a spending cuts mentality to prevent Congress from spending faster than the economy grows.
All fine with me.
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