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Friday, June 16, 2006
Is T.I.B.S doing political consulting again?

Watch this ad for congressional candidate Vernon Robinson. It is absolutely unbelievable. I can't imagine any station would carry it and I am not sure where he received permission for some of the images, particularly the classic television clip at the end. It is almost like it is a parody video.

You have to watch it. Check out what the folks over at the People for the American Way have to say about this.

Here is a sample from his radio ad:

“The aliens are here but they didn’t come in a spaceship, they came across our unguarded Mexican border by the millions. They’ve filled our criminal courtrooms and invaded our schools. They sponge off the American taxpayer by clogging our welfare lines and our hospital emergency rooms; they’ve even taken over the DMV. These aliens commit heinous crimes against us, like Maximiliano Esparza who raped a nun and strangled her with her own rosary. They commit crimes but won’t commit to learn our language. You walk into a McDonald’s restaurant to order a Big Mac and find to your horror that the employees don’t speak English. You may be in the heart of America but you feel as though you’re in ‘The Twilight Zone.’ Vernon Robinson will secure our borders, cut off the welfare payments, and once and for all make English our official language. Press 1 for English? NO! Vote Vernon Robinson for English."

Wow. Simply, wow. If you want to know how to raise money over the internet, this would be one way.

Almost forgot: Hat tip, junkyard blog.


This is amazing! Talk about saying the stuff in a non-PC way. I agree - this sounds like it has T.I.B.S. all over it.

This guy is also a black conservative candidate...also the best financed in the state of NC. I wonder if he has a decent shot.
Yeah, its fun to hate..but let us be realistic. They are here, and they are staying. We are not going to declare the illegals felons if they don't leave on there own, as both republicans and dem's are too weak and scared of losing votes to do so. Making it neccesary to provide proof of legal residency( birth certificate or "green card") to enroll in public school(s) would be nice, but the teacher's union loves the excess bodies it has to poorly teach. They celebrate the immigrants, so( considering the teacher's Union power) that will probably not change. I say support Charter School development( no unions, easy to fire), but I digress.
Hospitals can't turn anyone away, and 911 will pick you up and give you a ride. Next time your kid gets sick save your insurance company money, call 911, use a fake name with them and again at the hospital, and then give them any address you want, just not yours( Jason's?), you won't have to pay a dime!!!
No but seriously, the illegals are for the most part nice people, already more affluent then the blacks, and the hispanic culture blends nicely with those of European decent, so the eventual mix will provide good looking folks.
I think we all need to start viewing are illegal guests in a different way, as neither party has the fortitude to pass any legislation to actually make them go away, and discourage them from coming back( National Guard to the border is a free labor project for the incompetent border patrol). In the time that it would take to implement a third party with balls, the illegal's infiltration into our community would be too complete to correct.
Maybe we should start with the small stuff. Does the company that does your lawn care have any illegals on the payroll? Well they have Mexican's, but how would I know if there illegal? Talk to them, ask them where they went to high school, ask them how long they have been here, use your instincts. If you suspect they are illegals, stop using the company. Do the same with all home construction projects, snow removal...I pay a guy who works alone, but who charges a fraction of the company( staffed by illegals) that I used to pay. Do your part, because we have not elected enough people who actually represent us,and maybe thats because most people don't agree with us. Who knows, but it appears they are here to stay.
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