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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Kettle, meet pot.

Back on June 10, longtime reader and contributor Mmark offered his spot on criticism that our site had largely gone dormant and we should either do something with the site or close er down so he could make it into something worthwhile.

Mark was correct -- we have done a very poor job keeping the site going. (Insert various excuses here!) . But I decided to catch up on the goings on at the "golden boy's" web site and find that it is completely missing.

So, what's up Mmark? Can we purchase your web site? If it is completely down, can we just open one with blogger using that same name and use it to talk about you? Did the military come down on you for the naked pictures and un-pc language?

Funny story. There was an incident in my command that involved a blog, the one concerned was a feminist (super feminist) blog that was very critical of girls role in the service...anyway, she showed pictures of herself in uniform( not a hottie), mixed it with politics, and is no longer in recruitng retention command. So yes, that is why THE GOLDEN BOY is no longer visible.
I don't recall any naked pictures though, and if so they were soft core. For the future, "THE GOLDEN BOY" should be in big deal this time.
This is like the second post about me in a week, what the hell is going on at SCG's headquarters?
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