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Saturday, June 17, 2006
No way to spin it... Rather was dumped by CBS

Interesting NYT article on Dan's "sad departure." I do kind of feel sorry for the guy. He lived in a bubble for so long, he still doesn't understand what happened to him.

The MSM are still very powerful and can still shape public perceptions -- even, and perhaps often, falsely -- but their days of unchecked power are over and that's a good thing.

I greatly respect Mr. Rather, he is a true journalist, not a propaganda puppet like Hannity. No really I'm glad to see Rather reduced to the type who hangs out in the shadows of diners wondering why.Sean hannity is a duche bag though, none of you guys really like him do you? I think he's a boot licker...but on Rather, yeah good kill.
I do like Hannity, but I agree he can be too much of a cheerleader. In his defense, he is pretty consistently conservative, even when the white House isn't. He opposed Meiers. He opposes the president and the senate on illegal immigrant amnesty. If he's a boot licker, it sure isn't the President's boots that he is licking.

Off subject, but the only decent argument I have ever heard for the President's immigration policy was by Tony Snow on the Sean Hannity show. I still oppose it, but I think Snow's effort demonstrated how very, very good he is at articulating a clear and convincing message. He's reasonable, intelligent, and empathetic. He takes other people's arguments seriously, but doesn't back down. I can't speak more highly of that decision. It showed guts (and perhaps a bit of desperation).

As for talk radio, my favorite by far is Laura Ingraham. Great show. Makes me laugh out loud. The worst, by far, is Michael Savage. I just can't get into the whole angry with the world thing. Sometimes I get it, but every day, every hour of the program? It seems to work for him, though. If you get a chance sometime, tune into Bob Lonsberry at in Rochester. He's a pretty good host and if you catch him talking about a national issue, you will probably enjoy it.
Savage is pure entertainment. He makes it ok to be racist and facist at the same time, and his audience loves it, he found a good open niche and exploited it, and drinks better wine then all of us as a result. Savage use to be a liberal who hung out with the likes of poet Allen Ginsberg. He also used to experiment with homosexuality and young boys. I read a letter he wrote to his poet buddy back in the sixties talking about how he enjoyed the company of a young boy in greece. Go figure, and now its all wrong because he can make money from hate talk.
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