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Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick Comments

  • Sad that the Sabres run is over. What a great season! And the team showed class the whole way. I'm torn as to who to cheer for in the Cup: Carolina is a southern state and I'm opposed to any southern state being graced with Lord Stanley's Cup. I don't like Michael Peca and have a hard time wanting that team to win.
  • Is MMark going to the border?
  • Interesting: Michigan's state House last week passed a measure mandating citizenship status be disclosed on state drivers' licenses, the Associated Press reported. Michigan's secretary of state also would be required to deny licenses to applicants found to be in the country illegally. The legislation's sponsor, Republican state Rep. Chris Ward, said the bill would aid homeland security by making it easier for law enforcement and border officials to detect who is a citizen. Ward also has said the license also would help with voter identification and help employers avoid penalties for hiring illegal immigrants. The American Civil Liberties Union, in an e-mail urging people to contact their lawmakers about the bill, said the legislation is "part of the growing attack on non-citizens around the country and sends a clear message to corporations and other international investors that Michigan is unwelcoming." The legislation now moves to Republican-controlled Senate.

As a Michigan resident, that is great news..but who is going to pick the cherries?
MMark will not be going to the border, but he does already use the new oppourtunity in his recruiting efforts, selling the border is much easier then selling a very unpopular war.
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