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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Surge of "Patriotism" in Canada?

I know there is a high percentage of hockey fans in our audience (by my count, five of our six readers!) . If you didn't see the pre-game ceremonies before the Stanley Cup Finals game in Edmonton last night, you need to watch this video. At the very beginning of the video, you can hear the fans cheering wildly for the American national anthem (that's unusual, see here -- and definitely click here for the most outrageous example). The Canadian fans' enthusiastic response to the American anthem was also noted in a number of media reports like this one.

The fan response to the American anthem was great, but what happened next was even more amazing. The fans were signing the Canadian anthem at the top of their lungs. They were so enthusiastic the singer stopped singing a few lines in and let them sing the rest of the song. It was very uplifting and it is hard to see it without thinking about the reaction in Yankee stadium (and elsewhere) in the days and weeks after September 11th.

I don't know the significance of it, but it strikes me that something like this doesn't happen just by chance. The fans were reacting to something and you have to wonder whether the revelation that they narrowly thwarted a terrorist plot that would have killed hundreds if not thousands has anything to do with it. Of course, to be fair, it is possible that they were simply pumped up about a new product line at Tim Hortons that features round bacon.

NOTE: I added scare quotes to the word "patriotism" in the headline because it would have been equally inspiring if the fans had taken that moment to attack and insult their nation's leaders. Everybody knows that dissent is the highest form of patriotism!

Google the phrase "hated around the world"

Losers. Hope Al Qaida bombs you again.
Boo hoo. I was going to link to the story about our poll numbers being down but frankly, nobody cares except for lefties who worship at the alter of globalism. Go join hands with someone and sing we are the world -- that should make you feel better. Except, of course, that the muslim extremists are coming for you anyway -- even if you want to hug them.

You are like Buddy in Elf -- go on, hug the raccoon you idiot.

I'm under no illusions that everyone in the world loves us, but the Canadian hockey fans in Edmonton seem to get it. Maybe it is because the west tends to be more conservative in Canada. Maybe it won't last. Frankly, I don't care. Keeping America safe isn't about popularity. The French don't like us much, but they aren't flying planes into our buildings (yet).

I'm more impressed frankly, that Canadians were enthusiastic about their own country. It is the self-hatred of so many in the West that is our biggest weakness. And please, spare us the lectures about the trail of tears and how the west has oppressed blacks/women/gays/indians/mimes. We've heard it. It doesn't work anymore.
I forgot to mention how classy it was that you hope Al Queda bombs us again. What's funny is that, despite how much the Canadians are loved worldwide, these jihadi boys -- who were less than 40 miles from the relatively easily crossed US border -- were planning on attacking Canada, and not us!

Al Queda didn't attack us because we are unpopular with Euro-weenies in brussels and paris. They attacked us because we are infidels. And guess what, Anonymous, unless you are a muslim (and the right kind of muslim) you are an infidel too.

I know it seems unfair that they would target you as much as me, but that's how it works! For what it is worth, it is also unfair that you benefit as much as me when our troops kill a bad guy like Zarqawi.

I don't hope that you get bombed by Al Queda. I hope you wake up and realize that America isn't your enemy, the lunatics who are plotting to kill innocent people in America, Canada, Europe, South Asia, Australia, and Israel -- those people are the enemy.
Oh boy, did I just whack the hornet's nest?

The first time we all felt sorry for you. The next time, we will say you were asking for it.
Anonymous -- When you say "we," who do you mean? Are you an American, a Canadian, or should we just assume you are a 'citizen of the world'?

As I recall, it only took a few days after September 11 (if that) for the America haters to say we were asking for it. Why would we be surprised now.

Beyond that, what makes you so arrogant to think that when thousands of Americans are killed in a terrorist attack we will be the least bit concerned because you don't have sympathy for us? In your world, victimhood is the highest form of flattery I guess.

Actually, our strategy of overthrowing arab countries after attacks is a pretty good one, since it creates a huge disincentive for the islamic wackos to attack us -- where would America go next: syria, Iran? Perhaps both. I think two arab countries that support terrorism for every domestic attack seems about right. On the other hand, attacks in Canada and Europe don't come at such a high cost. Will Canada attack Syria? Nah. How about France or Britain? Nope.

Of course, the islamic jihadi boys aren't much on reason, otherwise they would have realized that flying airplanes into the WTC was not a real good career move. Still, the Canadian/Britain/French cells sure demonstrate that Americans aren't the only ones wearing the target.
Well TJ, even if the heading for hell for hell islams attack Canada, a weak pale nation, they can expect a country to be taken down by the tan and beautful USA. Probably just one though. I mean, we are there military. Its not like there a real country, we just tolerate them because there so cute, and usually polite, and because the UK asked us to.
Oh look, some fat middle aged American chest beaters.

All you think about is yourselves. How important you are. How everyone cares about what happens to you. Oh poor baby did you get a pick prick on 9/11? The whole world has to hear about how the world changed on that day.

3,000 people died. Ok, very sad. Every year like 20,000 American kill themselves driving drunk. So get some perspective. The world is tired of hearing your girly crying, you fat ladyboys.

You are now so frightened and paranoid. You crap your pants every time bin Laden makes another video. If a school child draws a picture of a gun you call the police. You live in gated towns and all carry guns. Your airports are hilariously paranoid.

But then again - the whole world does hate you. We are all helping Iran to build a nuke. Russia, Pakistan, North Korea, China, France. We all help them.
You say you are helping Iran build nukes, eh? Well, don't piss and moan then when the sign goes up that Iran is under new management. Our biggest problem right now is we can't figure out whether to call it "East Iraq," or "West Afghanistan." Look at the map, smart-guy. US troops on both sides. Think that's a coincidence?

The world did change on 9/11, just as it did on December 7th, 1941. Why is that? Because when we make a decision, HISTORY follows. You are definitely a foreigner, because you don't understand America. Gated towns? I guess there are a handful, but I've never seen one.

As for us being important, you might notice that I am not the one spending hours reading about your god-foresaken country. We are not obsessed with how great we are, we just live our lives. You, on the other hand, have to be reminded of it every time you pick up a paper or read your foreign newspaper. Maybe it bugs you when your cinema is filled with American movies. Maybe you wince when you walk by a McDonalds or look at a menu and see Coca-Cola products rather than your local drink, which undoubtedly tastes like dishwater. For us, we don't think about our dominance over the rest of the world because we are too busy enjoying all of our disposable income. Every once in a while we see a foreign television show on public television and it makes us laugh at how quaint and primitive the rest of the world is. We even travel from time to time (rarely, and probably for work since we have everything we need here in the US there is no need to go elsewhere). At that point we laugh at how little everything is -- the cars, the streets, the houses and people. Then we understand why it was so easy for our grandparents to roll back the Nazis, the Kaiser, the Japs and the Koreans. If we weren't careful, we might have killed some of them sitting down!

Let me leave this discussion with the immortal words of P.J. O'Rourke, who summed it up nicely:

"You take your Germany, France, and Spain, roll them all together and it wouldn't give us room to park our cars. We're the big boys, Jack, the original, giant, economy-sized, new and improved butt kickers of all time. When we snort coke in Houston, people lose their hats in Cap d'Antibes. And we've got an American Express card credit limit higher than your piss-ant metric numbers go.

'You say our country's never been invaded? You're right, little buddy. Because I'd like to see the needle-dicked foreigners who'd have the guts to try. We drink napalm to get our hearts started in the morning. A rape and mugging is
our way of saying "Cheerio." Hell can't hold our sock-hops. We walk taller, talk louder, spit further, fuck longer and buy more things than you know the names of. I'd rather be a junkie in a New York City jail than king, queen and jack of all you Europeans. We eat little countries like this for breakfast and shit them out before lunch."
Oh are we playing 'the dozens'?

More chest beating from a fat limp dicked suburbanite.

Your worldview seems to be informed by old John Wayne movies. Did you notice that those movies are in black and white? And that John Wayne is dead?

Lets compare the America of John Wayne, with your limp dicked has been America:

You used to have the tallest buildings in the world. You are now outranked by Taiwan, Malasia, Japan etc. You used to have the largest cities. They are now in China. You used to have the largest dam - now outranked by the 3 gorges dam, and dams in other places like brazil. Longest bridges - outranked now by Italy. You used to have the best space program. You now pay Russia to ferry your astronauts.

In the America of John Wayne you had the worlds greatest industrial base, which you mobilized to win ww2. Where is that base today? Your car industry is in bankruptcy. Barely sells cars in American let alone in the world. The worlds greatest auto manufacturers are all Japanese and German. The worlds best and largest passenger plane is the French Airbus 380. The fastest is Japanese. Fastest and best trains - Japanese and European. I bet you don't have a single piece of American made electronics in your home. I bet the last time you saw an American made TV it was in Black and White.

The world's largest sporting event is the soccer world cup - your team had its ass handed to it by the Chech's 3-0. You won't make it out of the first round. Your team is the only one that gets around in a bus with no flag. Afraid of the bogeyman I guess. Cowards. The other teams go out on the town at night and fuck girls while your team stays home afraid masturbating. Go enjoy your quaint regional 'world series'. I'm sure one of these days UNESCO will give it protected status. Look it up ignoramus.

You used to have the worlds greatest high schools and universities. They rand 9th and 7th now. You used to win the international computer programming competitions. You no longer place. All the winners are chinese #1, Japanese #2 and europe #3. Your top finisher - somewhere below rank #20. China trains 3x as many engineers as you.

You used to have the world's highest life expectancy. Now you rand below the world's first class nations - Japan and most european countries. Your infant mortality rates place you at #26 in the world - along with a bunch of african countries. Yet you pay the most for health care. Idiots. YOu are still first in the world in Obesity. 90% of your women 30 years+ are overweight - 50% are obese. In France - fewer than 7% are obese. Enjoy fucking your fat wife loser. Not too long bacon eater - you'll get a heart attack

Your MacDonalds and KFC you were opening around the world? Check the news - they are closing - if they don't get burned down first.

You used to be the worlds richest country - now you are the worlds greatest debtor. You used to have the largest trade surplus - now you have the largest deficit.

Been abroad lately? Not likely your mickey mouse dollars don't go too far any more. Highest cost of living cities used to be NYC and LA. No american city ranks anymore - you are beaten by Tokyo, every european capital, many chinese cities. Even Reykyavik iceland outranks you. And when you go overseas I dare you to walk around at night with a 'proud to be American' t-shirt. Someone will kick your teeth in. Pencil-dick.

You are like an old washed up drunken war hero at a party. As you get drunker and more pathethic the louder you bluster about the past. You pawned your medals for booze, and borrow money from your friends. But people are getting annoyed with you. You're on your way out.

Your grandfathers were a generation of giants - that gave birth to a generation of fat whiny dwarves.

Someone should tell PJ, that women call American men the 'minute men' for a reason.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
Anonymous: You spend an awful lot of time researching, thinking about, and talking about America. Yet, you are too ashamed to even reveal your own nationality! I don't blame you for being ashamed of your piss-ant country.

How long have you been waiting for your visa to come to the United States, anyway?

It's funny, because I agree that our grandfathers' were giants and we don't hold a candle to them as a culture. Yet, we still outshine all you losers.

Ask 10 Americans where they would like to live and all 10 will say the U.S. of A. Ask 10 of your countrymen and chances are 5 in 10 will give the same answer.

The people are voting with their feet, anonymous, and the long lines at American consulates (most likely in your country too) makes it clear where people want to live.

Now go watch some American television program translated into your backwards language! You can amuse yourself by calling the automated number at the US State Department to see how many months you have left before they decide whether to let your sorry ass into our country.

And when you get here, I'll make sure to look for you next time I get into a cab.
Greeting again resident of HasBeenLand.

Next time I'm in NYC, I'll try to remember to tip you well - when I get into your rickshaw.
Also please do take all our uneducated peasants. We don't want them. They will do well in there in BigMac land.

Our doctors and engineers will stay home building the future - where Americans can sell us oranges and corn.

Say hi to your Japanese boss at the Toyota factory.

Start learning spanish so you can speak to your grandkids.
So far you have had five opportunities to tell us your home country.

If your country is so great, name it. Go on, anonymous.

Yeah, that's right. I didn't think so. I can understand why you are embarrassed, as it is more than likely that you live in a country where 2/3rds of your countrymen don't have running water and you still throw human waste onto the street.

Go clean your shoes. I have no interest in listening to criticism of America from someone who is too ashamed to even name their own country.

We will be sure to take your advice and learn spanish -- we'll put that on our list right after we learn the metric system - ha!
Anon -
We're still waiting for you to come clean on your nationality.

Why so ashamed?

Given how much you hate America, I would think you would be proud to state your own country of origin. Since we suck so bad, it would be great to know which of the many shining cities on a hill you claim as home.

Of course, it is possible that you are one of those self-loathing Americans -- the citizens of the world who laud others accomplishments and look down on their countrymen.

If you are truly a foreigner and you are surprised we have people here who fit this description, don't be. We call them "Democrats."

So come clean or go away, Anonymous!
Wow, seems like you are all worked up into a lather. Careful, don't blow an artery.

Let me tell you about my country. We are in Europe. Like many European countries, we make more money than you. Our budget is in surplus - not deficit. We have low inflation - about 1%. Your reported inflation is 3% - but everyone know true dollar inflation is much higher. Check the price of oil. Our currency is backed by gold - real money. Though we are smaller in number, our economy is per capita GDP is higher than yours.

Our people are more highly educated. Unlike you we can all read and write. We live about 5 years longer than you. We are not obese like you. Hormone treated meats, trans fats, GMO and other such garbage are illegal here. Our health care is paid for - and we pay less for it than you. Yet are healthier.

More of us drive high end luxury cars than you, and even more of us have high end sports cars. I think only the Germans on average have better cars than we. I guess they care about it more.

Our women are blonde like the Teutons to the north and often tan and large breasted like the Italian women to the south. We are in general taller and better looking than you.

We are smarter and better educated than you. But thats not hard. Most of the world is. We have 100% literacy - unlike you. We have lower crime rates. Since we are by nature intelligent and civilized, there is no problem with our army issuing assault rifles to all men in our country. In your country it would result in riots of course.

Unlike you, we are a free country. Our citizens can travel anywhere in the world and do business with whoever we want. Your government restricts your travel and business dealings with half the world.

If you want visit, bring money. You can stay for 3 weeks or so. To stay longer you will need a few years to get a visa. If you get one it takes 10 years to even be considered for citizenship. A committee looks at you. You must be educated and cultured. For this reason almost none of you fat Americans are ever granted citizenship.

Can you guess who we are?
Wow. And where I live, it rains gumdrops and all the men are given x-ray glasses at 17! Can you guess the city?

Here's the thing, Anon. Either you are willing to name your country or not. Clearly, you are not up to the challenge. I think we all know why.
sorry. you are a retarded American. Its Switzerland.
Thanks, Anonymous. That wasn't so hard was it? We don't really spend any time on world geography, or foreign languages. No need, really. The military hires Canadians to handle the maps when we invade.

Thanks for protecting the pope.
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