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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Who knew that fried chicken wasn't good for you?

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has sued KFC because there are trans fats in the chicken. Imagine that, fat in fried chicken!

I don't know the science behind it, but it may be that Mike Myers was right, the Colonel does put an addictive chemical into the chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly.

If you get a chance, listen to this short statement by the CSPI spokesperson. If this doesn't demonstrate that the "food police" are out of control, I don't know what does.

Being a Buffalo native, I can't help but notice that the Buffalo area has way more than its fair share of advertisements for personal injury attorneys. By my math: Personal injury attorneys+a diet of pizza, wings and beef on weck = $$$$$$.

If they ever sue Mighty Taco, I will file an amicus brief against them. I'm serious.

Update: JPC was kind enough to send us an audio file of his views on the prospects of a lawsuit against Mighty Taco.

Update 2: I fixed the darn links. When I say listen to the statement by the CSPI spokesperson, listen to the statement, darn it!

A diet high in sugar and hydrogenated fats results in obesity. That is why Americans are so fat. In civilized countries like in Europe and Japan hydrogenated fats are already illegal. Enjoy your heart attack fat republicans.
Yep, it makes sense. We should legalize marijuana and outlaw potato chips made with hydrogenated fats. That's why Americans are so much bigger and stronger than foreigners, because we eat like men, not vegan sissies.

Oh, and you are off your talking points. Don't you realize it is the poor and minorities who suffer most from "big food." Rates of obesity and heart disease are far higher among the poor. Some might say that's because they are lazy. But I think it is because our government ignores the need for subsidized athletic facilities in urban areas. Also, the Bush administration has failed to fully fund midnight basketball. Bastards.
Americans are fat. Isn't that why you drive those SUVs? As you get fatter they get bigger. I love seeing those fat suburbanite waddle out of their Escalades. Have another cheese burger fattie.

Have you looked at your wife lately? If she's like most middle aged American women she is fat and saggy. Go check out pictures of middle aged American women from 100 years ago - thin. Or pictures of trim and sexy french and eastern european women. Yeah.

Now go check your kitchen cabinets fatty. Oh look - sugar and hydrogenated oils. In America they give animals hormones so they grow fat faster - I wonder if that is having an effect on you when you eat that tainted meat. And they give cows hormones so they lactate - and check out your fat middle school daughters - hitting puberty earlier every year. Wonder if there is a connection?

Nah. There can't be. I'm just a conspiracy kook. When you go home though, look in the mirror, look at your wife. Look at your American neighbors... hmmm... maybe there is a pattern here.
Sure, but do American women weigh more than European women after you take into account the weight of their body hair? I don't think so. You should also take into account the fact that after age 30 or so, European women don't have all those teeth to weigh them down.

Read this:

Turns out that, compared to us, obesity is a bigger problem in many European countries. Ugly women, bad teeth and fat me I'd agree that Americans could afford to drop a few pounds -- but I think that the problem of obesity is skewed pretty heavily in our country toward the lower classes.

That's right Euroboy, America is so freakin rich that the three biggest problems that poor people have in this country are (in order): 1) obesity 2) satellite or cable and 3) where to park the SUV.

And hey, on behalf of all those Americans who fought to protect your cowering grandparents, I say "your welcome". Good job on that Maginot line, dummies.
A middle aged women in 1900 was around 22 years old. Life expectancy for women at that time was early 40's. Skinny, but not living long.

Today - life expectancy is around 80. Fat, but living longer, happier lives.
Mmmmm - mighty....

Anonymous is a coward, much like hid dead relatives, but he makes good points. The US Army has lowered its body fat standards to meet the quota. As the National Guard is part of the Army, I see it first hand. If we get a fat kid, and he cam walk up and down a 16 inch step at 120 beats per minute for five minutes we will let him in...12 inches for girls.
If your a euro fag like Anonymous we kill you on the ride down to the processing station.
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