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Monday, July 17, 2006
Button, button, who'se got the button?

Jason has a great thought experiment below that helps clarify the Israeli/middle-east situation quite a bit, I think. To the same end, let me add a thought experiment of my own:

Imagine that the Palestinians were given a box with a series of buttons. By pushing one button, they could kill 10,000 Israeli jews. By pushing another button, they could kill 100,000 Israeli jews. By pushing a third button, they could kill one million Israeli jews. The fourth button would kill all the Jews in Israel. Here's my question: how long do you think it would take the Palestinians to push a button? Which button would they push?

Now, consider this: for all intents and purposes, the Israelis already have those buttons.

The Israelis could kill 10,000, or 100,000 Palestinians anytime they want to. They could probably have a good go at killing them all. Yet, they don't do it.

The Israelis want to be left alone in peace. The radical Islamists won't let that happen.

Peace follows victory.

Read your history -- gain some perspective. It astonishes me that educated peoplestill refer to an entire group of people *ie. Palestinians as "radical Islamists". Look at the world today -- you're absolutely right, the Israelis only want peace... they want to dance in fields of rainbows with leprechauns... that's exactly why they are destructing Lebanon right now --- because they are peaceful. Look at the pictures of the Lebanese children, or better yet try to identify the Hezbollah among the dead civilians -- women and children. And whose to say you wouldn't be asking where to sign if your family member were slain. Perspective -- there isn't good, bad or evil... just very slight distinctions.
I have to disagree. I think there is a world of distinction between launching unprovoked attacks that target civilians and responding to those attacks. That's like saying that there is a "slight distinction" between punching someone in the face and responding to a punch in the face.

It is the islamic terrorists, not the Israelis, who intentionally surround themselves with civilians. It is the islamic terrorists, not the Israelis, who launched attacks to kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers and civilians. It is the islamic terrorists, not the Israelis, who launch rockets that are intended to kill women, children, and other non-combatants.

It is all well and good to make "distinctions," and there are undoubtedly many hard choices in war that require good and decent people to do things that they wouldn't ordinarily do. But do you really think there is no such thing as evil in the world?

Do you think that hanging a raped woman because she was sexually promiscuous is just a grey area? Do you really think that murdering homosexuals isn't a black and white issue? How about slitting the throat of a reporter? Bombing an airplane filled with families heading back from vacation? What about strapping explosives to yourself and blowing up a pizza place filled with teenagers? Those are the tactics embraced -- and glorified even -- by the radical islamists.

Aren't those things evil? Shouldn't we call them what they are rather than mince words and look for "distinctions"?

I should add that the term "radical" is meant as a modifier that intentionally does not "refer to an entire group of people." If I were refering to an entire group of people, I would say "Arabs" or "Islamic people." That said, we didn't go to war with just the Nazis, but the Germans (Nazis or not). Likewise, we will have to go to war with Islamic states (Afghanistan, Iraq... Syria, Iran?) in order to defeat the "radical Islamists" who have made war against the west.

Thanks for reading the site. Come back soon.
Oh, I should mention, we aren't really all that educated. I mean, we have degrees and all, but really -- have you read our site? Most of the things I know are from 1970s and 1980s television programs -- particularly the A-team and any "very special episode" of Blossom.
Very good points. When you break 'evil' down like that, of course it exists and of course it is horrible. But in terms of war, and who's killing who, and who is right and wrong... it gets more difficult. The radical islamists, like any radical group in a certain sect (whether that be christian, jews, ect.) is plain scary... but once again, maybe because they have to be. Not to justify their actions but terrorists feel they have legitimate and justified reasons for their actions -- a way of acquiring or obtaining a certain goal when the so-called normal ways of achieving such goals are simply undesirable, or more than likely, unavailable. Why play by rules instituted to support the very system they are fighting against? Because it's bad, wrong, evil -- perhaps.

I am running off on a tangent -- my main point, if I have one, somewhere ; ) --- is that what Israel has done in southern Lebanon isn't much different. Because their actions are so called justify in our "rule book" they have free reign to kill civilians? It's an endless cycle, more radical views will rise from this war and passed on...

But then again, maybe they are right -- maybe complete destruction is the only way to find "peace"? Just like democracy will really work in Iraq... right.

And I'm exhausted. Where are these 'Blossom' posts... I am also very capable of debating television programs and conspiracy theories of what happened to Tang.

I like your site... it's pure evil. ; ) A mutual friend of one of the six have suggested I go here.
And another thing -- don't you just hate the connotation of 'conservative' -- I mean to me it paints a picture of really bad routine sex... or none at all... and food without condiments... and a party without beer... like a melting ice cream cone and erectile dysfunction...or a man with far too much body hair on a stationary bike. And maybe not.
Hmmm...I stumbled across your site using a keyword search of "homosexual terrorists". In a reviewing the photograph of the gentlemen in this site, it appears the man second from the right is Stavos Klinkerton-a Greek exile last seen in Rhode Island.
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