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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
God bless the Israelis

Israel takes the gloves off. They targeted a Hamas terrorist by having an F-16 drop a quarter ton bomb on his home from an F-16. He was a bomb maker and missile designer, but it looks like he will be looking for other work soon (preferably a job that doesn't require the use of arms or legs).

The Israelis have demonstrated again and again that, even if they have no desire to go to war, they know how to get it done when push comes to shove. There will undoubtedly be condemnation from the usual apologists that Israel has chosen to fight back -- but what choice do they have? Can they allow rocket attacks to continue? Can they stand by while their troops are kidnapped and held for ransom by terrorist groups that are openly supported by neighboring governments?

I know I shouldn't be glib about this -- war is no trivial matter. But every nation has a right to defend itself. We should pray for a quick resolution to this. I cannot say that I will pray for a peaceful resolution though, because I don't think such a thing is possible.

Peace follows victory, it is not a substitute for it. Any peace that comes at the price of capitulation to terrorists is a false and temporary one that will only lead to the loss of more innocent lives.

The people who pay the price -- in addition to the innocent Israelis -- are the arab people who will live for another generation in poverty and misery because they are unlucky enough to have leaders that refuse to accept reality. Unfortunately, the west and international oragnizations have served to enable and reward this sort of behavior by pouring in aid of all sorts, without requiring any fundamental change in the attitude or tenor of the terrorist regimes.

I want to be clear, I wish the best for Arabs and Israelis. As I've noted before on this page, I believe that all human beings are deserving of individual freedom and the opportunity to help govern themselves. I think that the people of Lebanon and Palestine have taken another giant step backward this week.

Wars of Choice

As wars of choice go, the decision to go to war with Israel was a pretty bad one. And while I'm on that subject, I have to take this opportunity to say that I sure am glad that America has several hundred thousand American soldiers strategically situated next to Syria, Jordan, and Iran.

How's that for strategery?

Unrelated Musings

This is unrelated to anything, but pretty funny.

My initial reaction to Israel's response was that it was a Heavy response. My immediate next reaction was that it was justified.

None of this proportional response stuff - I agree with making it disproportional. Israel doesn't want this, and didn't start it, but they made the world see they will end it.
Heavy my ass. They've been under constant attack for 40 years. The calls for "restraint" make me sick.
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