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Saturday, July 29, 2006
Mad Mel?

I'm sure you have all heard about the report that Mel Gibson shouted anti-semetic statements at police officers when arrested for DUI the other night.

Wow. If that's true, he's a nut. Of course, he's lucky that he works in a field with so few jewish people, otherwise he would be facing a lot of uncomfortable moments (and he would, I mean will, deserve them).

TJ, don't make fun of Mel. He is our one catholic supporter in the stronghold of Hollywood. If Mel did say something anti-semetic, he didn't mean it, after all, he was drunk.
MMark - no, Mel is an idiot. Apparently, the cops have it on audio tape, and Mel hasn't denied it.

Previously he's had to heavily defend his movie Passion of the Christ before, since Jewish people already felt it was unfair to them. I've heard that he was to make other religious movies. Now it's going to be much more difficult. It's all highly unfortunate, and the sad part is, Mel knows better.
Sip- you've never done or said anything you later regret while drunk? I once voted for patrick Kennedy after a few to many. Sh*t happens.
Most of the things I've regretted saying after being... overserved, are things that I may not have said while sober, but things I certainly believed. Booze is like truth serum - which in my mind makes Mel a scumbag. A sad pathetic scumbag. What a waste.
"If a drunken Mel Gibson did indeed call out, 'Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,' then there can be only one possible place for a man who believes such things: as the next Secretary General of the United Nations" -- David Frum on NRO
"Booze is like truth serum." - What the hell kinda crap is that?!!

There have been many times that I've heard drunken Skip and Sip tell ugly girls that they were pretty or skinny - So you mean that they weren't telling lies??
No, by lowering your inhibitions, booze just intensifies what you're really feeling. In Skip and Sip's case as you reference, that would be horny. Alcohol, no matter how much you consume, doesn't result in someone saying the kind of crap Mel was spewing for no reason whatsoever. Alcohol just made it easier for him to say.

There's no justification or rationalization to be made here JPC - Mel laid it all out. It's disappointing, but he's clearly an ignorant jerk.
WTF Jason, are you running for office? Mel drank a huge amount of Tequila( outspokenness is the norm), is a strict catholic( Jews killed Jesus), and lives in a town all but dominated by jewish folk. Don't you ever get mad at the boss? Mel was just spouting off, and to forgive is Catholic. Maybe you should consider forgiving him instead of calling him a scumbag.
Have you neve done anything in life from which a certain sect might have found enough evidence to declare you a "scumbag"? I say forgive and forget.
I'll do you one better Mark, I'll forget him altogether. He's clearly not ven worthy of mention. Seriously, he's Rafael Palmero - people have been accusing him of being an anti-semite for years - which he's denied - and I've believed - and even defended him, and now it turns out he really is a scumbag. I feel cheated.

Look, I'm just trying to be consistent. I call Cynthia McKinney an evil witch everytime she says the jews are what's wrong with the world - what's the difference here?
The difference is that the wagon your jumping on is driven by a liberal.
Mel is not a scumbag, he just apparently is not a Jew worshiper. He said something like " all recent wars are becasue of the jews". Thats pretty harmless,not true, but harmless.
It seems as if you are joining the PC world, and I shake my head as I wonder why?????
Having a difference of opinion with Israel or people of the Jewish faith doesn't make you a bigot or anti-semetic (although there are those who will think you are). But while Mel was being arrested for DWI, why did he yell about the Jews? I understand the 'heat of the moment' but why not yell about excessive force, or police suck, or something somewhat related with being pulled over?

There's no way to spin that what Mel yelled forth was anything other than bigoted remarks.
But doesn't that reinforce the point that we weren't there and we don't know what happened?!!!

I'm always amazed that people have such strong opinions about people and events that happen when they weren't even there and don't know what went on.
Mark, hardly PC. I'm not ranting about Jewish jokes (or Greek, or Portuguese or Polish for that matter), and I'm not advocating Yom Kippur as a national holiday. Give him a pass if you want - I'm just saying you're kidding yourself. We all know there are people that feel a lot more comfortable letting racial or ethnic slurs (not harmless jokes, bitter vicious slurs) fly out of there mouths with a full tank of liquid courage.

JPC, he's quoted in the police report as saying "Fu*king jews," "The jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," and then asking the cop if he was a jew. The report also described those quotes as just some of the things that he said. They apparently have him on tape as well, and he's denied none of what the published reports are as to what he said. Again, give him the benefit of the doubt, that's fine with me - he's just an actor, and I think we've already spent wayyy to much time discussing this. I'm just saying, I have A LOT less respect for the guys than I did a few days ago.

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