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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
What really happened to Flight 93?

This guy has all the answers. But hey, who hasn't thought it suspicious that a plane would break into tiny pieces when driven into the ground at 400+ miles per hour?

Make sure to read the comments. You don't ordinarily associate Flight 93 with humor, but you have to laugh at how freakin' nuts people are.

In fairness, his detailed diagram (right) indicates that he probably has a background in engineering or airplane design. Perhaps he should get a teaching job with UWM lecturer Kevin Barrett, or BYU physics professor Byron Jones, both of whom argue that 9/11 was a massive conspiracy and that planes did not bring down the towers.

These are highly educated people. They can't possibly be crazy, can they?

Well, yes. They are freakin' insane. They should be mocked, tarred and feathered and driven from the universities by parents, students, and alumni armed with rotten fruit and cabbages. Well, OK, maybe not that far. But others in the academy should denounce those who promote this sort of bizzaro fantasy stuff. They should end up teaching at a university that specializes in UFOlogy and the health benefits of magnetic jewelry.

If all this was true, why wouldn't they be killed for exposing the truth? I've watched an episode or two of "24" and it seems pretty clear that the president, when faced with the potential exposure of his treachery, would dispatch his goons after these guys. Why hasn't that happened?

Of course, if these "scholars" are right then it raises the question -- who has the experience and ability to pull off an operation this complex? Hmmm. I know what you are thinking -- Mossad! How about Haliburton? Hey, who do we know that has "links" to the White House, the jewish community, and the big oil companies? Alert Oliver Stone!

Oh yeah, Don't miss the argument that there was no second plane that hit the trade center. Nope. It was done with a blue screen, just like in the movies! I know, there were tens of thousands of witnesses. Never mind that.

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