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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
When I was a kid, we used to release balloons (UPDATED AND BUMPED)

Seriously. I remember releasing balloons with our school's address on them (no
e-mail in those days) and asking the people who found the balloon to drop us a note and tell us how far our balloon went.

I'm sure that they don't do this today -- littering our planet with non-biodegradable plastic! Never! I checked it out and the defenders of wildlife back me up on this (random side: do you think Skip owns a comic of that same name?).

"...releasing helium balloons may not seem like littering, but it is. Prevailing winds often carry balloons out over the ocean, and they land in the water when they deflate. Sea turtles choke to death after mistaking deflated balloons for edible jellyfish."

Well, the Israeli's seem to have found an environmentally- friendly answer to that problem:

I can 100% guarantee that sea turtles will not mistake one of these Israeli shells for a jellyfish! Score one more for the Israelis -- they are educationally minded and environmentally friendly too!

Click here for the usual whining and moaning about whether children should be militarized, etc...

Also, remember that this isn't the first time people complained about the practice of sending messages to our enemies. Remember this story?


JPC's comment reminded me what this post was missing. Did you not think I would find this? (If you get prompted for a password and user name, they are both the number "1"). Here's the video, too. Best line: "time to take out the Euro-trash!". Second best line: "Problem #35 with America: no universal health care. Problem #36: no metric system. What is this, the time of Charlemagne?"

OK, I'm not sure it was worth a bump. But enjoy it anyway. Here's a bonus song.

And yes, this is pretty much just a Simpsons' fan page now.

So was Nena trying to kill sea turtles back in the 1980's? Sea turtles on the other side of the wall? Pro-democracy capitalist sea turtles? Or was she simply insensitive? Or a hypocrite?
TJ - Nice Simpsons grab!!
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