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Friday, August 18, 2006
Do the Geneva Conventions Apply to Jews?

I had a roomate in college whose grandparents were from Lebanon. They were great, salt-of-the earth people -- the type of immigrants who make Buffalo a pretty great place to grow up. They had spirit and good humor and they would give you the shirt of their back if you needed help. Their grandson, half-Italian and half-Lebanese, was of similar character.

I'm very happy that those good people got themselves out of Lebanon. Not because of war, though nobody wants to wish that on anybody, but because they don't have to live around the type of savages that would desecrate the bodies of Israeli soldiers and dance around with body parts like they were members of some sort of cukoo death cult.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure parading around with the skull of a dead soldier is some sort of violation of the Geneva conventions, right? I must have missed the Amnesty press release.

Three hots and a cot for the Mujahadeen, while our soldiers (and Israel's) get their heads cut off. Of course, the Geneva conventions only really apply to our treatment of our enemies, rather than vice-versa.

Think about it. Did Germany take the Conventions seriously? They largely ignored them and the SS murdered hundreds, if not thousands of Americans in cold blood. (I just wanted to reference the Great Escape!) Did the North Vietnamese follow the conventions? Ask John McCain.

What a waste of time and energy on a bunch of bedwetters more concerned with the rights of our enemies than the security of innocent Americans.

That's right, I said it, you're all Bedwetters! (great link, by the way, make sure to click it!) And you are led by the bedwetter-in-chief of the surrender corps, Jimmy Carter. He's a disgrace. Yeah, yeah, he served in the military. So did "Tailgunner" Joe McCarthy and I don't hear you guys praising him. Think about it for just a second: what would YOU do if a foreign government invaded an American embassy and held innocent Americans hostage? Would you sit down to negotiate with them? Or would you send the Marines and crush the terrorists and the regime that sponsored them? We all know what Carter did -- and we are reaping the whirlwind. Nearly 30 years of terror. Dead Americans. Dead soldiers. Dead students and teachers, and parents and children.

Good luck negotiating with these animals, Jemmy. We could send them a strongly worded letter, I suppose. Of course, if we did that, we'd have to be even-handed and criticize those pesky jews for, well, for living in Israel of all places!

There is always the potential that "The International Community" will step in to solve the problem right? Altogether, the UN peacekeepers have the moral force of the world behind them, right? They are like the A-team and the brotherhood of the cruciform sword all in one!

What's that? Oh, yeah. UN resolutions already made it clear that Hezbollah was to disarm and Israel was to leave Lebanon. Israel left, and Hezbollah armed itself to the teeth. I'm sure they will get it right this time, just like in Kosovo. What's that? They stood by and did nothing while thousands of people were murdered?

Well, here's to wishing and hoping.

Ralph Peters latest column shows where the UN/international peackeeping force is headed. Hint: Le Latrine. Lots of bad news for the good guys, too -- and plenty to celebrate if you are rooting for the terrorists rather than our friends the Israelis.

One step forward, two steps back. Make that three.

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