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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood...

...and me?

The things that I disagree with Joe Lieberman on outweigh the things that I agree with him on by a large margin - seriously, like 80-20. But the length to which the lunatic fringe has come out to roast his nuts on the left wing fire has me just ticked off enough to go out and vote for ol' Joe in the election in November. You see that lovely list above of Joe's supporters, but let me tell ya', in just the past week, the following circus freaks have all come to CT to stump for his George Soros wannabe opponent (Ned Lamont):

Jesse Jackson
Ralph Nader
Michael Schaivo
Al Sharpton

and that's just the last five days! Plus the chronically disappointed set over at the Huffington Post have seriously taken this race on as pet project.

Look, I have no illusions about where Joe stands, and like I said - most if it doesn't speak for me, but I do know what he's about, and I find him for the most part far more principled than your average beltway monkey. This is starting to look like my first non-local vote for a Democrat in, well, ever.

Joe is more principled than you average beltway joe...when he's a senator. He threw his principles out the window when he ran for VP. Politics brings out the devil in some people.

Having said that, yes, he's getting roasted pretty badly this week. Does he have a third line to run on if he loses the primary? And if so, does he still have a chance to win?
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