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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Joe's folly...

So it looks like Joe will go down tonight by about a 52% to 48% margin. The analysts are saying Joe was able to close ground on Lamont (polls had showed him down by as much as 12 to 13 points) because he finally "came out swinging against President Bush." This strikes me as a pure folly (and a guaranteed losing strategy) - essentially Lamont says you’re too cushy with the Prez, and Joe's responds by saying nuh uh. I've felt for a week that Joe could have gotten that Joe-mentum back if he just addressed the 800-pound gorilla in the room. The media blitz here from both camps has been relentless. Yet with all the commercials run, Joe's never mentioned Iraq once. Instead he let Lamont provide the only soundtrack and position the issue for him. Had he just taken the issue head on and said your damn right I support our troops and their important mission in Iraq, and I think that withdrawing now as my opponent advocates would be disastrous - unthinkable - for Iraqis, for Muslims, for Americans, and for the world. Send me back to Washington not in spite of my pro-freedom position, but because of it. Had he done that, he just might be celebrating a tight victory tonight instead of plotting his next move.

Even now during his concession speech - announcing that he will run as an independent candidate, Joe is avoiding the issue. I wonder if he will learn the right lesson from this defeat.

I think you are giving the Democrats too much credit -- and I say that without glee. This isn't "their" war, so they are sitting it out. I wish it were otherwise. Regardless, Joe wins pretty easily as an Independent, I think. He'll carry a third of the Dems, a third to a half of the Republicans, and 70% of the blanks. They better hope they don't come within a single senator of the majority -- Joe won't ever go Republican, but I can't imagine he will take this snub lightly.
The word is also that Joe ran a horrible campaign? Cushy incumbent - "I've delivered for you", "Give me another chance", no ground game, etc.?

I also love how the Wash Post is considers the CT primary a near perfect strong litmus test of the national sentiment on the war and the President.
TJ, Lamont garnered over 50% of the vote with a massive 50+% turnout. The wingnuts just make up that much of the party. Joe did run a shitty campaign, but his top failing was not addressing Iraq. He never mentioned it and he let Lamont do it for him. I'll probably be voting for Joe unless the Republicans pull the current candidate and put up a legitamate alternative.
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