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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Primary Update

Couple of other interesting victories in yesterday's primaries:

CO5 - Jeff Crank, former aide to retiring Joel Hefley Jeff Crank, was headed to victory in the six way primary until absentee ballots were counted. Crank was supposedly the business candidate with only adequate conservative credentials. Doug Lamborn, the Club for Growth candidate added enough absentee votes to pull off the win. Lamborn also had Christian-right backing in this safe GOP district.

GA - McKinney lost the Democratic primary because....well, she's McKinney.

MI7 - Tim Walberg defeated incumbent pro-choice (yet claims to be catholic) Rep. Joe Schwarz in the Republican primary. Walberg was the Club for Growth candidate. In his comments to the press after the votes were tallied Schwarz said the results were a victory for the anti-abortion movement and a loss for the GOP because of the move to the right......?

MMark - Can you get someone there to run against Stabenow? She is truly embarrassing and I can't believe that the GOP and conservatives can't get their act together and beat her - or maybe I can considering how badly the MI GOP party and the Republicans in the House delegation perform.

Jay - What is going to happen in the CT Gov race? I don't know much about Rell? Didn't she sign into law an estate tax? Also restrictions on lobbying with public financing of campaigns?

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