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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Pro-Christian Hollywood movie?

Received this from a friend this morning....

Last night my wife and I took [our son] to a special showing of a great movie called Facing the Giants. This is a movie that was produced by a church in Georgia that has truly made a great ministry tool. This movie is not only a positive family oriented film but it actually talks about God and how he can change lives. It is well made and our whole family enjoyed it very much. This movie was shown to Hollywood executives from Sony who thought it was a great movie and agreed to test it in a numerous markets across the US on September 29th of this year it will be released in movie theatres and if it does well in its opening weekend it will be taken to theatres nationwide. I hope all of you will check out the website and make plans for you, your friends, and your church to go see this movie on the weekend of September 29th. You can go the website and learn more about the movie. This site also has a list of cities and theatres it will be opening in under the Group sales/movie theatres link. This movie is an excellent movie that I hope you will support. We have a great opportunity to show film executives that there is a large audience out there looking for good family movies and that solid spiritual based movies can do well in the market. Thanks for your support in this.

And its about football.

Regardless of one's spiritual or religious views, you have to admit it is the root of all evil.
and creepy mass emails...
I would like to know what "it" is that you are referring to? Football?

Like you, I'm typically skeptical of mass email - but knowing the source and that he is the son of a Baptist minister and lives and grew up in the Bible belt, I wouldn't be surprised that he wrote this himself. I omitted names and asked him if the movie hit a little too close to home.

Setting religion aside, I'm willing to encourage Hollywood to produce more family movies. Saw an advance showing of "The Barnyard" last night with my kids and we had a great time.
I agree with the family fun films. "It" = religion.
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