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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Wartime Fauxtography

If you haven't been following the story, take a look at Malkin's latest post on the wartime "fauxtography" -- staged or manipulated photos that have been put in front of the American public by the MSM. As other's have said, the wheels are starting to come off...

I did want to put this into historical context, though... since the beginning of the profession, photographers have manipulated their subjects and images to have a desired effect.

It happened at Iwo Jima. They took two takes to get the right shot.

It also happened in the Civil War, when photographer Alexander Gardner moved a dead confederate's body to achieve the desired, dramatic effect.

Wartime photos have always been used for propoganda purposes. Unfortunately, the propoganda that is being put forward by our media is on behalf of our enemies.

I know, the usual defense is that the media is biased in favor of "a story." I'm looking forward to seeing all the MSM photos that were manipulated in favor of the Israelis. Funny how the story always leans in one direction.

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