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Friday, September 29, 2006

No SCG said anything this week about the Clinton interview.

I don't have much.

My simple comments -

His continued and constant efforts to re-write history amaze me, as they always do.

The self righteous, egotistical, misogynistic attitude and behavior is no longer surprising and is now expected. Some day perhaps we'll be surprised when we witess a wisened, genteel, statesmanlike, ex-President Clinton.

Excellent Dick Morris article on the Clinton interview here.

And no, I am not a conservative obsessed with Clinton. He continues to put himself out there, so I can continue to complain, blame, and criticize him.

There has been no President or ex-President like him .......and hopefully there never will be again.

I have a very hard time not liking Clinton. he always seems so sincere, he would have made an excellent recruiter.
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