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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pick the winner of one game each week, straight up (no spreads). Use each team only once (even though I know we'd all like to take the PATS every week). Picks should be made before the start of the first game each week, but we may show some leniency as long as the pick is made before the picked game starts (and the schedules are all wierd now too, Thursday games, Saturday games, two Monday nights games). Winner eats and drinks for free on the losers at the next SCG event (WHICH IS WHEN BY THE WAY?????). Oh, and of course NO MULLIGANS - one and done.

Here's week one (obviously no one get's to pick the Steelers - but feel free to pick Miami Sip):

F.I.R.S. (formerly TIBS):
Jason: New England
JPC: Washington (in late....)

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