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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Time to Call out The Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword
You have to hand it to the Pope. He implies that the Islamic faith has serious "anger issues" and they dutifully respond by proving him right. In some respects, I wonder whether the Pope's comments were influenced by the forced conversions of two Fox reporters who had been kidnapped by Iraqi "militants" (the Anchoress weighs in on that incident here, by the way).

There was little outrage at the idea of forced conversions, which isn't really all that shocking since there is little outrage that nearly every country with an islamic majority makes it nearly impossible -- if not downright illegal -- to choose your religion or practice it freely. Freedom of religion (like freedom of speech) is a fundamental tenet of liberalism (small l)... yet modern liberals feel no real moral demand on themselves to speak out against it. Thus, the world shrugs when people are killed for converting to christianity or owning a Bible, or publishing a cartoon. Take a gander at the state of religious freedom in Saudi Arabia, for example.

Of course, when our government decides not to send my tax money overseas to pay for their abortions and birth control pills, now that gets their attention.

The islamofascists make a big mistake taking on the Pope and Catholics, generally. Why? Well right now they have largely succeeded in separating the rest of the world from the United States on the war. They have also largely succeded in getting democrats here at home to oppose the war.

When they attack nuns and churches and threaten the Pope and the Vatican, they expand the scope of conflict in a way that doesn't help them.

  • There are 173 million catholics in Brazil. Where's Brazil. Oh yeah, somewhere down there near Venezuala. That's helpful. Especially since there are another 24 million catholics in Venezuala.
  • There are 73 million catholics in the Phillipines.
  • France, Spain and Italy have (obviously) huge Catholic populations. Poland and Germany too. (You can view country by country stats here).
  • Irish and Hispanic and even African-American Catholics make up a huge voting bloc for the Democratic party.
Of course, this doesn't even take into account the number of Christians who would view attacks on churches and church officials as an assault on Christianity generally.

Yep. Good thinking, Islamic fanatics. Take on the Catholic Church. Of course, this only reflects the fact that for them, this is a religious war.

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