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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
A comment that deserves a response

This comment (in reference to Jason's successful run in the football pool of all things) deserves a thorough fisking.

Presidential approval at 35%. Congressional approval worse. Iraq war out of control. Casualties out of control. Spending out of control. Republican perverts out of control.

Its always about approval with you people. Didn't your mothers show you enough love? Bill Clinton had great approval ratings -- yet you saw how he reacted when questioned about Bin Laden, right? He knows how history will view him. Sad and pathetic. A wasted presidency. I'll ignore the name-calling. Suffice it to say that we kick our perverts out, while you guys re-elect them.

Good thing the president is working on a new strategy for winning. Because 5 years, billions of dollars, and 650,000 civilian deaths later is a good time to start thinking of a new strategy. Do we need more troops? Do we need a draft? Oh no, I'm sure the new plan will be to spackle it all over with more spending.

There will not be a draft. What would they do with people like you? 650,000 civilian deaths is a joke -- and it shows how sorry you guys are that you resort to lies rather than facts. Is it possible that there were more people killed in Iraq in the last three years than when we carpet bombed Germany? Uh, no. It's not. But its a nice number. It doesn't change anyone's mind because we've seen this so many times before.

What happened to all the electricity we were going to generate over there? All the schools we were building? What happened to all that reconstruction? All that tax payer money WASTED. Soldiers lives WASTED.

Are the schools gone? The electrical grids all destroyed? Does it extend across the nation or just in a few areas where the terrorists are working hard to sway public opinion with the help of the fourth column here in the US (e.g. you)? Those questions answer themselves.

Why? Because our leaders failed to plan. They decided that their lala land dream vision was just going to happen. Hey where is that picture you guys posted of iraqi's voting behind rolls of barbed wire? Yeah embarassing I know.

I've never been embarrassed when America lived up to its creed, as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence: All men are created equal (not just us, Iraqis and Afghanis and Iranians and Syrians too). I've said all along that this was a difficult task and that it may indeed fail. But I'm not embarrassed that the US has worked to bring democracy to the middle east -- it is the only thing that will keep us safe and, ironically, prevent them from the looming disaster that is going to come their way following the next 9/11. The fact is, they deserve a shot at it. Most of those people are decent hardworking people who want nothing more than a chance to live their lives. Shouldn't they have a say in how they are governed? You guys have ceased to be liberals in the best sense of the word because you don't really believe that other people deserve freedom. Hell, my sense is that many of you don't really believe we do.

You don't talk so loud any more. Where is the bluster? Where is "mission accomplished"? Where is the "bring it on"? Yeah its with the poop in your diapers.

Were you on a debate team in high school? It is hard to imagine how I can possibly compete against logic like that! Poop in our diapers... Agggh! I flee from your brilliance!

America loves winners. And what a bunch of losers you Republicans turned out to be. You're going to be thrown out of the House and Senate, investigated, impeached and jailed. Suck it down.

I remember the left saying the same thing in October 2004. How did that work out?

Besides, as I remember it, we stole the elections in 2000 and 2004. The reason we are so quiet these days is that (a) we are increasingly busy raising little Republicans who will elect GOP majorities from 2018 through 2050 and (b) we already know the election results from our pals at Diebold.

We'll let the Democrats come close this once, if only to play the part of Lucy with the football.

Some additional election analysis for you to suck down, Anonymous:

Look around the country. The only reason Democrats are even competitive is because they are running a slew of stealth candidates with no record. This allows them to say lots of things that are anethema to you and other leftists, anonymous (such as "I support the president on interrogations and I won't vote for tax increases) because they have no record to show where they really stand. It isn't Republicans who are running to the left, it is empty suit Democrats who are running to the right. What does that tell you about where the country is? It sure ain't with you.

Republicans are an even bet to win the House and it is almost impossible for Democrats to win the Senate. Even if both houses fall, you can't change one simple fact: Bush will be in office for two years. Veto. Veto. Veto. Do you think the country wants to see us fail in Iraq? You think they want a repeat of Vietnam, where the Vietcong come here afterwards? I don't buy it. A Democratic minority can bluster all it wants... but if (god forbid) it became the majority, they would actually have to back up those words with actions. Remember Murtha's call to pull troops out? How many votes did it get on the floor?

Republicans may take a drubbing on November 7th. But this isn't 1994, when a whole lot of Democrats were sitting in Red districts (as a result of realignment in the south and a majority-minority redistricting scheme that concentrated Democrats in a small number of districts). The districts that Republicans are in right now are very Republican districts, for the most part. There are only about 45 seats that are remotely competitive. I think what we will see on November 7th is Republicans who hold a handful of blue districts will lose, the two Georgia Dems will lose, and Republicans in northeastern Republican districts will hang on by a slim margin (or lose by a slim margin).

The left's premature victory lap is only helping us, to be honest. Since Republican voters are less volitile in their voting history (they vote more consistently across presidential and non-presidential years), it is Democrats who need to worry about turnout. By telling Democrats who usually stay home that the election is already over, you are doing the vote suppression for us. Thanks!

Very nice TJ. I hated it when "he" posted that, but I could not respond, as I am too busy recruiting for Dick Cheney's illegal war in Iraq.
They(dems) may take over for the next eight years or so, but the people will smarten up, and put the Republicans( the new and less corrupt Republicans) back in office. Everything is cyclic. It wouldn't be too hard to make a Farmer's Almanac for politics.
Right now, the Trade markets have the GOP a 75% bet to hold the Senate and a 37% bet to hold the House. So it doesn't look all bad. For what it is worth, I think the margin in the House will be narrow either way. Watching the disaster of a candidate the Dems have in NY 26 (millionaire Jack Davis who is running against Tom Reynolds, incumbent R), I think things may turn out OK. This is a race the Dems are now counting as a win, but they've been forced to shelve Davis for the last several weeks and keep him away from the public and media because he is completely incompetent. He didn't have a clue about the most important local project here in Rochester at a recent editorial board meeting and he gave a one minute free commercial on a local news network that involved reading (poorly) from prepared notecards without ever once looking in the direction of the camera. It was a terrible (and heartening, if you are a Republican) performance. Look for Reynolds to hold on because nobody has any confidence that Davis is up to the job.
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