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Monday, October 16, 2006
Jason's NFL Survivor Pick - Week 6

5-0 (already used: New England, Baltimore, Miami, Philadelphia, Indianapolis)

This week: Chicago

Presidential approval at 35%. Congressional approval worse. Iraq war out of control. Casualties out of control. Spending out of control. Republican perverts out of control.

Good thing the president is working on a new strategy for winning. Because 5 years, billions of dollars, and 650,000 civilian deaths later is a good time to start thinking of a new strategy. Do we need more troops? Do we need a draft? Oh no, I'm sure the new plan will be to spackle it all over with more spending.

What happened to all the electricity we were going to generate over there? All the schools we were building? What happened to all that reconstruction? All that tax payer money WASTED. Soldiers lives WASTED.

Why? Because our leaders failed to plan. They decided that their lala land dream vision was just going to happen. Hey where is that picture you guys posted of iraqi's voting behind rolls of barbed wire? Yeah embarassing I know.

You don't talk so loud any more. Where is the bluster? Where is "mission accomplished"? Where is the "bring it on"? Yeah its with the poop in your diapers.

America loves winners. And what a bunch of losers you Republicans turned out to be. You're going to be thrown out of the House and Senate, investigated, impeached and jailed. Suck it down.
Yeah, but how about my 6-0 record?
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