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Sunday, October 22, 2006
Jason's NFL Survivor Pick - Week 7

6-0 (already used: New England, Baltimore, Miami, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Chicago)

This week: San Diego

Who cares... the Tigers are all on thats on my mind. I was in Chicago when the White Sox won, I'm from RI and saw the Red Sox Win, and now, living in Michigan, will get to see the Tigers win. Who cares about your football Jason, after all its just legalized slavery, you racist republican.
Also, when the Republicans get voted out of office, does that mean that Sean Hannity goes to? God I hope so...Hopefully he'll bring his little "AIDS VICTIM" look a like buddy Alan Combs with him.
Does MMark know Sip?

Its never okay to keep switching the team you cheer for in baseball?!

You may be allowed one switch in a lifetime, and that's it! You have to remain cheering for the last team picked for life.
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