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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Sabres are phenomenal.

The Bills stink and are frustrating to watch. BTW - I'll be playing corner in place of McGee after the bye. He'll still return kicks though. I'm 39 and have 5.8 speed in the forty, but can hit like a freight train and have wiley football cover smarts. I'd still be better than McGee.

Being inside the Beltway messes up any gut instinct-radar that I have on elections. I cannot make any predictions at this time. Oh wait - one prediction - whoever wins Congress will have a slim majority and nothing will get done. If anything is accomplished, it will be a worthless watered down populist piece of poop legislation that will not help America. (Ruling? - Can I say 'poop' on our blog?)

Has anyone seen the Michael J. Fox ad? Is it as shameless as some say?

I'm the only SCG left with his lifetime favorite team left playing baseball in October......Go Cardinals!!!

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