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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Holy chit...

Soooo much worse than I expected. The Senate too? I know VA is still a question, but it sure looks bad.

Time to start pressing Joe hard...

Looks like Dems capture the House and the Senate. And the blood letting isn't over. Dems up by 26 in the house already and 20 more close races yet to be decided.

Gratz on capturing Lieberman- but he caucuses with the Dems. So even if he votes like a R on the war, he will vote with D for the senate leadership, agenda, committees etc. Maybe you guys should have spent that money you gave Lieberman on Allen R-KKK.

America hates losers. You started a war with a pisant country and then lost that war. America hates you now.

Suck it down.
In a wed, october 4th post I predicted.
1. Hastert- Should resign, or be removed if true.
2. Renyolds- if true, should resign as he has failed his party.
3. House-Lost
4. Senate- lost, but not just due to this, the whole Iraq thing has been grossly mishandled, and the liberals have beat us at spin.

posted by MMark : 8:58 PM
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