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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
John Kerry: 'Metaphysical Toolishness'

Goldberg's take, from the Corner:

If you take Kerry's two statements — the written and unwritten — in their entirety, I really don't think he can apologize at this point. I really do think he could have defused this whole thing, maybe not entirely, by simply saying "I botched the joke and I'm really sorry it sounded like I was diminishing the talent and work of our troops, something I would never do. I take a back seat to no one in my respect for blah blah blah..." But now he's questioned the sanity, the integrity and the manliness of anybody who could have possibly taken him the wrong way. That means, in effect, that he's calling all these servicemen who understandably took offense at the plain meaning of his words, wusses and nutters. That makes Kerry a tool of the first order. And, if he apologizes now, with some Gilda Radneresque "never mind," it will once again reinforce his metaphysical toolishness. The guy thinks he can be president and he thinks he's doing what the "fighting Dem" base wants him to do. The problem is he has basically radiated himself with the isotope Asinine-90 and the only way the rest of his party can protect itself from radition poisoning is to sequester the guy in some lime-pit for 10,000 years until his asininity half-life deterioates to managable levels.

Of course, we really want to hear what Military Mark has to say. If Kerry's right, let's hope Mark s advanced far enough through his "hooked on phonics" books to comprehend the high level of discourse from Sen. Kerry (D-N. Vietnam).

UPDATE: I've added the photo.... as Glenn Reynolds might say: "Heh!" I also want to bring the first (brave and anonymous) comment up to the main page. Here it is:

No need to apologize, john.

The military uses economic discrimination, that forces lower income people into the military in order to earn a living, try to learn a trade or get money for their education.

This demonstrates the problem for Kerry and the liberals. Once again they have gotten themselves in trouble. How?

By. Saying. What. They. Really. Believe.

The reaction to Kerry's comments are just further evidence that the anti-military hippie loving attitude of the sixties has been completely routed. The American people love the military. They respect it. And they look up to the men and women who volunteer for duty. At one point, in the 1970s, John Kerry could ride comments like these to political office. Now, political officials are running from those comments as fast as they can. Tell me again how the left is winning?

If -- and I still think it is an "if" - Democrats take control, they will do it on the backs of candidates who are running away from liberal ideas. They are running as tax cutters, proponents of the war on terror and aggressive interrogation methods.

Tell me again how the left is winning?

A recent survey indicates that 54% of Americans believe that government is doing too much. Only 37% thinks government does too little. Surveys aren't worth all that much, but...

Tell me again how the left is winning?

The anti-war candidate Lamont is getting pasted by the pro-war candidate Lieberman. In Connecticut.

Tell me again how the left is winning?

Our military is held in high esteem while the institutions dominated by the left (the media, academia) are increasingly viewed with skepticism and distain.

Tell me again how the left is winning?

Why is this comment so telling? The folks on the left, including our anonymous friend, "loathe the military" as Bill Clinton once said. If you think that's too harsh, perhaps we can be kind and say they "pity the fools" as Mr. T might put it. The left looks down at the people who fight our wars. They lie about them, and they pounce on any opportunity to make them (and by extention the country) look bad. That's why they nearly had an orgasm with Abu Greb. Finally, an opportunity for the American people to see the military as they see it. Only problem was, the American people viewed Abu Greb for what it was, an aberration. Evidence that our troops are human beings. The media, quite clearly, shares the view of the left on this. That's why we had the privilege of seeing 50+ front page stories on the subject in the New York Times.

The left wants this country to lose the war, if only to reinforce its view of the military and the country. If the military and nation is defeated, perhaps the American people will see it as they do -- corrupt, racist. Worst of all, the American people don't only like the military, they like football, Nascar and all sorts of other things (including church!) which only go to demonstrate that tens of millions of Americans are uneducated hicks, unappreciative of the wonderful things that they and their snobbish friends have to offer.

Go look at the ratings and attendence records for NASCAR. Tell me again how the left is winning?

The facts don't support the myth that the men and women in the military are lower income lesser intellects with no career options. I can name a dozen of my classmates in college who had plenty of career options and chose the military instead. They had college degrees. They had options. They chose the military. They have earned our respect and admiration, not insults.

We should, of course, thank John Kerry for revealing our opponents at the exact right time. No apology needed -- or accepted -- John!

No need to apologize, john.

The military uses economic discrimination, that forces lower income people into the military in order to earn a living, try to learn a trade or get money for their education.
Hey, it's me the anonymous guy again.

I am actually Libertarian, not left, but thanks for playing.

Please dont lump me together with those whiny liberals.

Where do you get you numbers and figures for there being an equal amount of lower class vs upper class military recruits?

Lastly, how do you refer to this as a war? If it is indeed a war on terrorism, that means that the war will never end and will span the entire globe.

Terrorism will always exist in some form. What would constitute a victory?
Did you guys just wake up from a coma and think it's still 2004. News flash -- John Kerry lost the 2004 election and his Senate seat isn't up for re-election for a couple of years. I guess you would rather talk about him than
the pedophile republicans
the fiasco in IRAQ
nuclear North Korea
biggest gap between rich and poor in nation's history
more people with healthcare than ever
more people living in poverty than ever
Gay evangalists on meth
2800 dead american soldiers (that's what I call supporting our troops)

I meant
more people without healthcare than ever
that's so funny I busted my spleen and will have to bleed to death because I don't have health insurance.
Boy, I feel really bad that you (Fedup) don't have health insurance. I guess you think we should pay for your health insurance rather than you, right? Send your address, we'll just skip the middle man and pay you directly. If you don't have health care, that must mean that you aren't poor, since the poor qualify for a new program, it's called "MEDICAID." It's only existed since the 1960s or so, so I can understand why you haven't heard of it.

If you don't have health care and you aren't poor, it is possible you are making some poor choices about (a) a career or (b) where you spend your money. You should consider enlisting in the military. Mmark says they offer great benefits!

Of course, you will need a high school education and, based on your post, you may not have one. Keep working on that.

If you have kids, don't worry, they can go on Child Health plus or one of the many other taxpayer funded medicaid programs for non-poor people who haven't purchased health insurance.

Here's the stats on the military, anonymous.
The military is (a) more highly educated (b) fairly representative of the population as a whole and (c) primarily drawn from the middle and upper-middle class rather than the lower class.

The one thing our military men and women have shown in the last few days is they are a lot smarter than Kerry.

I'll refrain from commenting on the evangelical gay dude since it really has no practical value. Not sure where you get the idea that we are (a) evangelical or (b) that we are under any illusion that if priests aren't perfect then religion has no value. I gather that's the point. It's a silly one. We are for the most part Catholics in this group I think, so if there is one thing we wouldn't be surprised to here is that there are a whole lot of gay priests. It's good to see that gays feel comfortable in the evangelical priesthood too (too comfortable apparently!).

We'll keep praying for you.
the heritage foundation? they are definitely nonpartisan and non profit, right?

maybe not.

here is a study by a group that is actually nonpartisan AND nonprofit.

--"Nearly two-thirds of all recruits (64%) were from counties with median household incomes below the US median"

here is some from the left wing of the pentagon:
"Many of today's recruits are financially strapped, with nearly half coming from lower-middle-class to poor households, according to new Pentagon data based on Zip codes and census estimates of mean household income."
"Senior Pentagon officials say the war has had a clear impact on recruiting, with a shrinking pool of candidates forcing the military to accept less qualified enlistees -- and presumably many for whom military service is a choice of last resort"

the best thing about the information age is that there
is no fact checking.

and regarding the healthcare issue, why should i have to pay for your healthcare...or your roads, or your schools, or your libraries?
I just checked the figures and, though I am only eyeballing it based on the graph, it appears that somewhere in the neighborhood of 16% of recruits come from areas where the median family income is less than $30,000. Now, if the left is arguing that the military is preying on people who are "below the median" then you are absolutely right. Problem is, they aren't. They are arguing that the military is overwhelmingly "poor" and "black." When 84% of your recruits come from areas where the median income is above $30,000, you just can't say that we have an "army of the poor." You have an army made up of educated young men and women who are predominantly working and middle class when they enter the army. MMark -- do you have any figures on your competitors?

My understanding is that recruiters more than met their goals this year. I'm absolutely shocked that you were able to find a washington post story to back up your left wing sob story. If you are so worried about the military having a tough time recruiting upper-income folks, you should write a letter of complaint to the ivy league colleges that have fought to keep ROTC and recruiters off campus.

As for many of today's recruits being financially strapped... how many 18-22 year olds have you ever known that don't fall into that category? Perhaps we should complain that the military is preying on the young.
wow, a couple of issues here.
1. john kerry(actually served and has 3 purple hearts) didn't actually insult the troops but botched a joke about how stupid bush is. This is a well-documented fact that no matter how you keep spinning will not change. (again john kerry is not running for anything)
2. Most of americans health insurance is paid for by employers(making americans more expensive than any other worker on the planet). Well, except for congress, the senate and the president who do indeed have you and I pay for their health insurance. The U.S. is the only industrial nation where all of the citizens are not insured. Maybe you can sleep well at night knowing a child will die today because they will be refused care. ( I do have health insurance by the way). I kinda of think that someone less fortunate than me should get healthcare instead of borrowing money from china to pay for bombs to kill iraqis.
3. Last time I checked the main job of someone in the military is to kill people. How does that fit in with the party of LIFE? Who cares if they are rich or poor. Should we really be using our taxdollars to train people to kill other people? Japan hasn't had an offensive force for 40 years and they seem to be doing all right.
Online Republicans make me laugh. You're all 'up ons' online. But I don't meet too many republicans in real life any more. Why it seems like a few years ago you guys were all over the place about how you were the future and are going to make everything better.

You're pretty quiet these days. With a mouth full of crow.

I don't meet too many Republicans at work, or at parties any more. Everyone disowns you. I know you must be out there, true believers in your hearts and online I'm sure.

But in real life you keep your pieholes shut - because you know you will get punched in the face.
Anonymous - You sound like that lady from the New York Times who didn't know how Nixon could win since she didn't know anyone who voted for him. You don't know any Republicans? What east coast city do you live in, anyhow?
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