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Friday, November 10, 2006
Meet the New Majority Leader?

John Murtha to Steve Inskeep of NPR: "Winning is not a strategy, victory is not a strategy."

With all due respect to Rep. Murtha on this Veteran's Days, WTF? Victory may not be a strategy, but it certainly is the goal, and "re-deploying," whether to Kuwait or Germany or Mississippi is certainly not a means to that end.

How would you define "winning" in terms of Iraq? I think getting Sadam out was "winning", but the situation we are in currently, not winning.
Are you a veteran? My money is down on you being just some chicken hawk attacking a decorated marine on veterans day. WTF? That strategy is played out. You should go volunteer at the VFW instead of being a rhetorical player hater.
f'd up,

Yes, you're correct - I am a chicken hawk. Thank you for pointing that out. I realize now that my lack of military experience renders me unsuitable to comment on the military and security matters affecting my country, and further that anyone with said military experience (especially when opposing the President or his administration) is above and beyond all question. I will cease and desist all commentary immediately, and the Murtha-Sheehan ticket is guaranteed my vote in '08. Please accept my heartfelt apologies.

I don't disagree - the initial campaign to remove a hostile regime was indeed successful. The objective since has been to establish a legitimate, popularly elected government able to provide for it's own security (from both internal and external hostile forces). That goal has not yet been realized, and I would hope that we have been and will continue to constantly assess our strategies to achieve that goal and adjust as necessary to ensure success.

I also think picking and up and leaving with our fingers crossed would be a disaster, and that such a monumental error should be avoided.
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