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Thursday, November 09, 2006
Meet the Speaker...

Nancy Pelosi to Brit Hume: "the war in Iraq is not a war to be won but a situation to be solved."

Yeah, third in line to the Presidency. I hearby forbid President Bush and Vice President Cheney to ever be in the same place for the next two years.

I think that it would have benefited us and maybe rumsfeld if we looked at Iraq as a problem. And then maybe if we sat down and tried to figure out the best way to achieve desired results.

That may have worked better than to just put out various talking points out every six months or so.

Maybe a solution or a stragegy would be helpful. maybe not.

It is crazy that you guys dont think there are problems in Iraq that need to be solved. Where do you live?

Who are we at war with, and how do we win? Nobody can answer this. And why not, because this is not a war.

We cannot identify our enemy or what would constitute a victory, or how to get there, or how to even start.

You cannot win a war if you are fighting something that will forever exist. Terrorism will be with us until all humanity is eradicated from the planet.
You guys really are incompetent. You couldn't even steal Virginia.
where do they live? an alternative planet where politics are more important than real people. privelage is funny that way. letting go of rummy the day after losing the election shows the presidents true colors. it's amazing that senior bush has to bail his son out again. pathetic. hey mmark, do you tell potential recruits the war in Iraq is over as well? although the county celebrates a return to sanity it will be quite sometime before the damage this administration has inflicted can be undone. i guess the democrats don't hate the troops and plot with terrorists now that they hold a majority.
"You couldn't even steal Virginia."

Don't be silly A-non, you know there wasn't any funny business in this elction - the Democrats won.
No, I don't tell them the war is over. When asked about it, I tell them they have a much better chance of being deployed then a civilian. Vague, but direct.
I couldn't stay away after this.

I'm sorry for you guys. I'm sorry for our whole country. I feel like a guy with two bad employees - Mr. Republican and Mr. Democrat. 6 years ago Democrat was stealing, but otherwise running the store ok. And Republican convinced me to lock Democrat in the basement. Republican started off ok, but then he started stealing too. Then the store got robbed on 9/11 and Republican went off the deep end.
He lit the store on fire with some crazy anti-burglary plan. And then he took his pants off in front of some kids in the toy department. So I fired Republican and let Democrat out of the cellar. Democrat says he can put the fire out - but I don't think he knows how.

Try googling 'two bullets away'. The results are pretty interesting.
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