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Sunday, December 24, 2006
Merry Christmas!

J - Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes. And for actually posting - I haven't had much to say in a while.

Need to add an addendum to my post on the D's taking over Congress.....Could the GOP have done any worse with their leadership choices?? It's like a standoff between both parties as to who could be worse?! I talked about the D's turning back the clock to pre-1994, yet the GOP seem to have decided to ignore their losses and lack of effectiveness over the past five years and maintain their status quo.

We need another class of '94. Unfortunately, I don't think the GOP is mentally ready or properly positioned for '08 - for the presidential campaign nor to take over Congress.

Special Christmas wishes to my fellow 5! May you all have a Joyful Holy Christmas and may all the blessings of our Lord be the greatest gifts to you and your families.

2005 was a big year for many - new jobs, new homes, etc....Have a wonderful New Year and a peaceful happy 2006.

Let's start to plan a SCG roadtrip....Philly? NYC again? Quick weekend trip to FL?....

To our readers - Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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