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Sunday, December 31, 2006
Predictions 2007

I'm opening this thread for people to offer their predictions. SCG contributors can just add them right to the page, but others may want to add theirs to the comment sections.

From Ace o' Spade's predictions for 2007:

On Christmas Eve, Dick Cheney is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Before they can teach him any valuable moral lessons, however, he bums a twenty from them, snorts a line of blow, and sends the Ghost of Christmas Past back out to procure an underage Ukrainian prostitute and a pack of smokes for him. The other two are forced to stay and service his wife while he watches. It is generally agreed by all involved that this is the Best Christmas Ever.

Funny, funny stuff.

I predict that the SCG'S will continue to let this once important blog slide deeper into the belly of defeat.
I predict the posts will become fewer and farther beetween, and the quality of them will drop.
I mean you guys didn't even post about the Ford funeral, and as I was an escort for two of the Honorary pall barers you kind of let me down.
I manage to recruit during a VERY unpopular war, and still have time to post comments.
You all lack dicipline. Perhaps from lack of service...42 years old is the cut off, and none of you are by that benchmark yet.
Maybe you can inspire a surge of comments.
Two questions for mmark:
1. How long have you been moonlighting as an escort?
2. Shouldn't "dicipline" extend into areas like spelling?

I kid because I love. Your comments on the blog are, sadly, too accurate. Though I agree that our posts will ecome fewer and farther between, I can assure you that we will continue to provide the same low quality posts that our reader(s) have come to expect!

Thanks for continuing to hold our feet to the fire. I'll try to post more often in the new year. I'll add that to my resolutions.
Gumbril is evil. Do NOT trust him.
I predict:

1. Bush will Attack Iran. hmm... he just brought in a second carrier group, patriot missiles, and put the admiral in charge or the whole operation.... sure looks like preparation for bombardment ). Besides, Israel wants us to bomb Iran - and the US does whatever Israel wants us to do.

2. There will be a draft

3. This will result in an unmitigated catastrophe.
Glad my predictions are for the short term being proven inconclusive. Welcome back SCG's.
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