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Thursday, January 25, 2007
and six more…

1. Where’s the “early money?” A new Time poll has Hillary well out in front of Obama, and a closer contest on the Republican side between McCain and Giuliani. But where’s the money at? For those of you opposed to gambling, or a lesson in gambling, please jump to item number two. At many horse tracks around the country, a great angle is to look where the “early money” is. That is, as soon as they post the tote board for a race, usually 20 to 30 mins before hand, see who’s odds are lowest, who’s favored early on is often different from who the favorite it is at post time, but it’s also often correct (this is my brother-in-law’s current favorite angle). My point? Here's where the “early money” is on the ’08 Presidential Election according to intrade (the old

Clinton (23.6)
McCain (19.4)
Obama (11)
Giuliani (10.3)
Romney (8.9)
Edwards (7.8)
Gore (3.8)

So the early money is still on Hillary v. McCain, and by a long margin. Check the current bids on the Republican and Democrat nominations:

McCain (41.6)
Romney (16.7)
Giuliani (16.1)
Huckabee (5.9)
Gingrich (5.2)
Hagel (4.2)
Brownback (3.4)
Rice (2.1)

Clinton (47.6)
Obama (18.8)
Edwards (15.3)
Gore (7.6)
Richardson (2.5)
Biden (2.3)
Vilsack (1.4)

Other interesting trends, the White House will go “Dem” is currently 55.5 compared to 41.2 for “Rep.” House of Reps is 70.0 to 20.0 in the Dems favor and the Senate is 73.0 to 20.0 in the Dems favor. Most popular choices for VP on the Reps side are Rice (10.0) and Pawlenty (10.0). On the Dems side, the most popular choice is Warner (15.0), followed by Clark (14.0), and Bayh, Obama and Richardson (all around 10). Of course those are all bid side numbers, and the ask side favors Obama a lot. Probably all meaningless, but interesting nonetheless.

2. Be sure to utilize the new vernacular…

- After the final out, the game is over, and it’s time to change course from the ballpark.

- At the ATM machine, enter your pin code so you can redeploy some money.

3. This is cool. I love that it’s referred to as a “ray gun.”

4. There’s been several reports recently about the obesity epidemic… in China. It seems China has started picking up a “more Western lifestyle” which has lead to an increase in obesity. Too bad that “more Western lifestyle” hasn’t lead to other problems for China – like political freedoms, civil liberties, and human rights.

5. Talking Ourselves Into Defeat - a great piece in the Wall Street Journal today by Daniel Henninger.

6. Pitchers and catchers report in 21 days, 2 hours, 36 minutes. But who’s counting?

McCain -vs-Clinton can't happen, as we will loose like ten guys. McCain is a nut, and there will be too many months for him to blow it, and he will. The Gov from Mass won't work either, as nobody likes Mormons. I mean who doesn't take a drink, I don't trust anyone who doesn't drink, to include recovering alcholics.
Also, unrelated, TJ, JPC, Jason, way to save the sinking ship. Welcome back from your slumber. After all, there is a war going on.
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