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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Greenpeace Protests Movie

Last night Greenpeace was out in force protesting at a screening of a new movie about the dark side of environmentalism.

From the Motion Picture Institute "Mine Your Own Business, a film produced by New Bera Media in association with the Moving Picture Institute, looks at the dark side of environmentalism. It talks to some of the world's poorest people about how western environmentalists are campaigning to keep them in poverty because they think their way of life is quaint. It is the first documentary to ask hard questions of the environmental movement." Link here.

Hmmmm - unfortunately I didn't get to go. I'm going to call MPI and ask if more screenings will be scheduled. I wonder what Greenpeace is scared of?

They have an agenda, just like all of us, except very different. I would do the same thing if I had not stopped smoking pot over a decade ago, and never realized the practical purposes of a short haircut, not to mention a steady paycheck. Its all about the long hairs, f**king hippies.
Its like the jocks and the potheads, except we are all grown up.
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