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Monday, January 15, 2007
Is Media Bias just a bunch of Maccaca?

Having worked closely in media relations for a number of years, I can't tell you how many times I heard a reporter say that "the only bias reporters' have is for a good story."

The problem, of course, is that the press corps doesn't really like a good story if it doesn't match their worldview. Case in point -- the Sandy Berger case. Consider the elements to this story: former national secrurity adviser who is a regular talking head on cable television, steals and destroys documents related to a terrorist attack that left 3,000 Americans dead.

Press corps: Oh, 9/11, Presidential aide stealing documents. 9/11 commission. Former President of the United States defends him publicly (he's always losing stuff!) but it turns out there is clear evidence he did it intentionally. Yawn.

A great story on real clear politics about the consequences of this interesting lack of curiosity when it comes to the Sandy Berger case.

You see the same sort of thing with the LA Times and others deciding that remarks by a Democratic Senator that Condi Rice wasn't qualified to make decisions on Iraq because she is childless. Okie on the lam story here, via Malkin.

You also see it in the lack of coverage on more than a dozen academics who resigned from the Carter Center and the accusations of plagiarism that have been made regarding Carter's book.
I read my local paper ever day and if they did a story on the Rice and Carter incidents, they couldn't have been more than a column inch, because I certainly didn't see any.

Reverse the party registration of Berger, Rice and Carter. All three would have been front page stories, multiple days, lots of follow up, lots of news resources. Ask George Allen.

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