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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Six more things…

1. SOTU – well, I could focus on the negatives, annoyances and disappointments (“Madame Speaker” – ugh; “the serious challenge of global climate change” – ick; and the scary, scary thought of the worst parts of the Presidents immigration strategy finding a welcome home with the current landlords on the hill), but that’s too easy, so I choose to look at the positives:

- keep the economy on the move, not with more government but with more enterprise – amen
- balance the federal budget without raising taxes, with spending discipline (I’ll believe it when I see it)
- the Hillary smirk – she can not possibly be President – it would kill me
- the President said the word “huge” three times while the cameras were on Ted Kennedy - perfect
- the health care proposal is not all positive – I’m uncomfortable with the substantial tax increase that many folks will see – but I’m encouraged with the idea of finally addressing the healthcare issue privately rather than with some gigantic federal system
- medical liability reform (not a single democrat stood) – there’s your trial lawyer vote
- I give credit to CBS for having the camera on Tancredo during the immigration portion of the speech
- clean, safe nuclear power
- step up domestic oil production
- a fair hearing and a prompt up-or-down vote for federal judge candidates
- the long list of anti-terror successes, you’d think with all the “investigative reporting” that goes on out there we’d hear a bit more of these stories, wouldn’t ya?
- calling “shia extremists” to account for perhaps the first time in a major address
- “we’re deploying 20 thousand more troops in Iraq” – that wasn’t a request by the way
- lift needless restrictions on Iraqi and coalition forces
- add to the ranks of our military…
- will not allow the regime in Iran to acquire nuclear weapons
- standing side-by-side with Israel
- Dikembe Mutumbo (hated him when he was on the Hoyas – what the heck’s a Hoya?) Julie “Baby Einstein” Aigner-Clark, Wesley “subway” Autrey – this is the annoying Dr. Phil portion of the program, may as well break out the “we are the world” chorus
- Silver Star winner Sgt. Tommy Rieman – the only guy in this section really deserving the attention

yeah, it’s a lot of unnecessary pomp and circumstance, and more than a little bit parliamentary, but as long as you’re going to make the country watch it, you may as well keep it simple and try to get a few major buzz points in play – I think he at least did that with much of the list above

2. I’ve been thinking, if this years SCG annual meeting is to be held in Philadelphia, I think we need to eat at both Gino’s and Pat’s and file an official report on which is the superior cheese steak…

3. I know Obama is largely just an idea – the proverbial “unnamed Democratic candidate” that always polls well, and I realize that things could look very different when slightly brighter lights are directed in his direction to examine what’s actually there - but - at the moment, he’s got Hillary “reacting” more than I’ll bet she thought she would be at this stage, and he seems to have a little “Bobby Kennedy” thing going on. I’m nowhere near ready to coronate him, nor am I overly concerned that could happen, but I concede that he’s “launched” just about as well as a two-year resident of the Senate and a very short resume candidate possibly could.

4. Is it too late to mention the whole sad, sordid Sandy Berger mess – and the shameless way the story has been ignored by the media? Have we already moved on? Take the time if you will to read this great op/ed piece by Joel Mowbray in the Washington Times. You all know the story, if this were a Republican, he’d certainly be in prison right now.

5. Jim Webb’s Democratic SOTU response – I won’t even mention the useless no answers approach to Iraq, too many tired Democrat clichés to mention them all (even Shieffer on CBS pointed out that the Dems want to keep this “Bush’s war” – don’t let anyone tell you they’re not fully invested in defeat) – no, my favorite stuff was the big bad evil corporate profits – class warfare – robber barons – economic divides – eat the rich baby… so predictable. The economy is bad you know, pay no attention to the economic indicators we've been using for decades, the Dems know better.

6. Despite the loss on Sunday, Tom Brady is apparently going to be just fine. Oh my…

I like this one, but doubt people will be lineing up at the door, in fact I doubt the door will ever be opened. If it does open, I know I can count on you guys to be at the front of the line.

"A second task we can take on together is to design and establish a volunteer Civilian Reserve Corps. Such a corps would function much like our military reserve. It would ease the burden on the Armed Forces by allowing us to hire civilians with critical skills to serve on missions abroad when America needs them. It would give people across America who do not wear the uniform a chance to serve in the defining struggle of our time. "
#1 I've been pointing out that the President's goals of increasing energy efficiency and using more ethanol are conflicting - you get 20% - 30% LESS MPG from ethanol than from gasoline!!

#2 I love Pat's, but Geno's scores points with me by having a huge memorial picture of murdered Philly Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. Geno's also has posted signs "This Is AMERICA: WHEN ORDERING `SPEAK ENGLISH'." I'm also a fan of Jim's on South Street.

#3 You have to see Obama working the Hill - Richardson and Bill Clinton are the only ones capable of more back slapping, winking, and 'dapping'. Too slick.

#4 Good piece.

#5 My Senator is an idiot. Is he not a poofed up piece of made for TV empty suit piece of garbage?

#6 Hmm.
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