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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Six things I think I think…

1. Sorry. No excuses (I’m busy, whatever), just sorry.

2. Is it just me or were there not dozens of folks in congress, Democrat and Republican alike, calling for more “boots on the ground” right up until the time the President (and Commander in Chief by the way) became an advocate for the strategy? I know Kerry said as much during his Presidential Campaign, I believe Joe Biden was saying so even more recently than that, and Silvestre Reyes said so a month ago.

3. Bet you didn’t see this little ditty: “CMS ACTUARIES CONCLUDE THAT H.R. 4 WOULD HAVE NO EFFECT ON LOWERING DRUG PRICES” That’s right, Independent actuaries at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have reviewed H.R. 4 and concluded that government negotiations mandated in the bill would not produce any savings.

"Although the bill would require the Secretary to negotiate with drug manufacturers regarding drug prices, the inability to drive market share via the establishment of a formulary or development of a preferred tier significantly undermines the effectiveness of this negotiation," explained Paul Spitalnic, Director of the Parts C and D Actuarial Group in the Office of the Actuary. "Manufacturers would have little to gain by offering rebates that aren't linked to a preferred position of their products, and we assume that they will be unwilling to do so."

What, you didn’t see that? Wonder why.

4. I could speak volumes about the recently contested AFC championship, and as you can imagine, I’m not exactly thrilled with the outcome. But of all the things said since, the thing I can’t figure for the life of me is the whole “first black to coach in the Super bowl” thing. I mean really, who cares? And shouldn’t Tony Dungy (and Lovie Smith for that matter) be offended – or at least annoyed - by the label? These guys have busted their ass for many years to get where they are, and they’re here ‘cause they’re good, not ‘cause they’re black.

5. As much as I’ve been down on the Republicans, especially the Republican leadership, of late, I have to say that when you look over the ever growing slate of declared Presidential Candidates, there isn’t a single Democrat that I would rank over a single Republican – not one.

Name the match up, I guess I’m still “(R).”

6. So sad to see Kofi leave – not. Don’t let the door hit your…

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