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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
State of the Union

I can't tell you how shocked I am ....or maybe I shouldn't be so shocked.

My expectations from the White House continue to get lower and lower as the stupid policy decisions keep coming.

Tonight tops it all.

Higher ethanol use is not only FOOLISH public policy, but unattainable.

Energy independence has become common vernacular and stupid buzzword, but is unattainable, or so damn expensive that it will cave our economy or you will all be using candles, wood, and Flinstones cars. Are you willing to pay the price??

Cave cave cave on Global Climate change....

Pandering to populist BS - "I want my air cleaner, to drive my SUV 50 miles to work each way, we should be off foreign oil, I demand cheap gas, but want no new drilling for oil....and I want cheap Rx drugs" but "don't raise my taxes, don't increase the price of gas, I want ethanol - but I don't want to pay more for it and I don't want to hear how much it is going to raise my food prices."

I'm pissed!

best speech bush has made yet. unfortunately, way to late. he will still go down as the worst president in history. the main problem with his presidency is all talk and no walk.
Cain -

I don't agree on the worst President point - but I'm willing to split first term - second term or even, first three years - last three with you.

If he wanted to save his party and their control of Congress, the speech should have been given two years ago.

And its the first one since '03 where he actually lays out goals.
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