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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Super Bowl...

As a Pat's fan, I'm bitter and disinterested, but I'm saying take the Bear's with the points (7) and the under (48).

I'm an AFC guy, but I hate the Colts. However, I definitely wanted Polian to get his Super Bowl ring. Too bad Polian doesn't work for the Bears - it would be easy for me.

Otherwise, I was also disinterested in who won. But I did like the game - had to set some sort of record with the number of turnovers, and it was played as it should be: on grass, outside, in whatever weather the skies throw down.
Again this place smells like death. How about a big sweet article on the Mormon? You guys suck, and i would not want to go to combat with any of you...(thats an insult).
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