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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
The Libby Case

So, Libby was found guilty. Any thoughts?

While I agree that there was no underlying crime to investigate -- the "leak" itself was not illegal -- he put himself in trouble by misleading investigators. We don't get to pick and choose what laws to follow and not follow. When you get asked a question under oath, you answer truthfully. The whole "mis-remembering" game played by political figures on both sides when it comes time to testify is a sad and depressing thing to see played out again and again. Whether he did it because he feared a crime was committed, or more likely, because he sought to limit political damage and didn't foresee the consequences makes no difference.

It is wrong to lie under oath. Period. Clinton was wrong when he lied under oath. Libby was wrong when he lied under oath. Of course, one of them (the one who committed a sexual assault, or several) is celebrated and the other is going to jail. Go figure.

I was not aware that bill clinton had sexual assaulted a number of victims.

All that I have heard about were consensual acts.

What are your sources?

It's good to see that bill clinton is still the only thing that republicans care about.
Good to see your reading comprehension skills are top notch. You'll notice that almost all our posts (infrequent as they may be) are about your hero, ol' Billy. Unfortunately, the facts are pretty clear in the Paula Jones case. If you don't consider someone dropping their pants and exposing their erection "sexual assault" then you must be real hard core. Add to that the woman (Kathleen Willy, I think) he groped in the oval office (a Clinton loyalist, mind you, not a conservative). Those two are pretty hard to argue against, I think. If you believe Jones and Willy, then Juanita's story doesn't sound so far fetched either. But hey, as long as you take the right stand on abortion, you are "pro-woman," right?

As I noted in the post, lying under oath is a felony, no matter your party.
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