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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

1. I received The Reagan Diaries book for Father’s Day. Great gift... every father in America should have it.

2. Bloomberg leaving the GOP. So what? The guy was a RINO and continues to be a weenie. The press is making a big deal about it (typical), but he left the Dems once before too.

3. Tony Snow is looking thin, but sounding OK. Hope he’s doing well.

4. Hillary: Has everyone heard the socialistic echo’s from her comments lately? Remember her Managed Competition mantra?

5. Scott...I’m sorry, but I just cannot sign your online Free Paris Hilton petition. Having luck with that?

6. Any favorites for the WH – meaning who you want to see in (not who you think will get elected)? I’m still with Huckabee. Although I like him, he doesn’t have traction.

7. JPC ... any relief coming our way on gasoline prices? I filled the van last night, and had sticker shock.

I like giuliani too. He's the only republican candidate with crossover appeal. He can appeal both conservatives and liberals.

He's the only Republican candidate actively courting the powerful gay vote for example:
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